If you feel your life is “boring”, say goodbye to these 10 behaviors

Avatar by Lachlan Brown | April 4, 2024, 9:16 am

Ever felt like your days are just on repeat? Like life’s a snooze-fest?

Well, sometimes, it’s not what’s happening around us, but what we’re doing that makes things feel dull.

Some habits we pick up just pull us into a cycle of same old, same old.

But here’s the cool part: toss out those habits, and you might just shake things up!

Let’s uncover those 10 things that might be making your everyday feel oh-so-blah.

Ready to add some spice back into life? Let’s go!

1. Living on Auto-Pilot

You know that feeling when you drive somewhere and can’t remember the journey?

That’s auto-pilot.

It happens when we stop being present and just go through the motions.

It’s like having the same breakfast for years, taking the same route to work, or watching reruns every night.

It’s comfy, sure. But it’s also… yawn… boring.

The fix? Start small. Mix up your routine.

If you always read in the evening, try a walk. Take a different route to work or school.

Challenge yourself to try something new each week.

When you break the mold, even in tiny ways, life gets a sprinkle of excitement!

2. Avoiding Risk Like It’s The Plague

Playing it safe every single time is a one-way ticket to Snoozeville.

We’re not talking about chasing danger, but if your default answer to everything slightly outside your comfort zone is “Nope!”, then you’re locking out a ton of cool experiences.

Growth and excitement often come with a sprinkle of discomfort.

Avoiding anything that makes you slightly anxious – be it a new hobby, a spontaneous trip, or just voicing a different opinion – is putting your life in a bland box.

So, the next time an opportunity comes knocking, don’t hide behind the door.

Take a deep breath, and jump in.

You might just surprise yourself with how alive it makes you feel.

3. Sticking to the Same Social Circle

Meeting new people adds spice to your life.

Instead of the same old conversations with your normal friends, you learn about different perspectives and ways of life when you talk with new people.

You see, hanging out with the same folks all the time can become a bit predictable.

Sure, they’re your comfort zone, your ride-or-dies, and that’s great.

But when your social circle doesn’t change, neither do your conversations or experiences.

It’s not about ditching your old pals, but about branching out.

Join a new club, attend a workshop, or simply start a conversation with someone you wouldn’t normally talk to.

Fresh faces can bring fresh energy into your life, and who knows, you might end up with a hilarious salsa story of your own!

4. Constantly Chasing “More”

Sometimes, trying to fill up your life with “more” – more stuff, more achievements, more experiences – can actually make things feel…well, blander.

Think about it. In our quest for more, we’re always on the lookout for the next big thing, barely savoring what’s right in front of us.

The thrill of that new phone fades quickly as we eye the next version.

The joy of our current achievement diminishes as we hustle for the next one.

The counterintuitive trick? Embrace “less”. Slow down. Savor the moment.

Instead of chasing the next big vacation, enjoy an unplanned afternoon in your local park.

Rather than needing the latest gadget, appreciate the quirks of what you already have.

Sometimes, by seeking less, you actually experience more.

The magic often lies in the details we overlook in our race for “more”.

5. Bingeing on Comparison

Ever caught yourself scrolling through Instagram, feeling a twinge of jealousy with every swipe? “Oh, look at her amazing vacation!”, “Wow, he’s so fit!”, “Gosh, they’re so in love.”

Before you know it, your perfectly okay day feels downright dreary.

Here’s the deal: Constant comparison is like voluntarily eating spoiled food and wondering why you feel sick.

When you measure your life against someone else’s highlight reel, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Remember, social media shows curated moments, not daily realities.

The antidote? Celebrate your own journey.

For every envious swipe, remind yourself of a moment you felt proud, content, or simply happy.

Better yet, cut down on mindless scrolling.

Instead, invest that time in creating moments that matter to you, without the need for validation or comparison.

Your life, your rules. Keep your eyes on your own paper!

6. Neglecting “Me Time”

A few years back, I was juggling so many tasks and responsibilities that I practically forgot who I was outside of my daily routine.

One evening, while working through yet another to-do list, an old song came on the radio.

It was one of my favorites from college, and just like that, I was transported back to simpler times, to nights of carefree dancing and laughter.

It hit me: when was the last time I did something just for me?

Not because it was productive, or someone else needed it, but simply because it made me happy?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to carve out space for ourselves.

But “me time” isn’t a luxury; it’s essential.

Whether it’s reading a book, taking a long bath, or just jamming out to your favorite old tunes, give yourself permission to indulge in what you love.

Trust me, you’ll not only feel recharged but also reconnect with parts of yourself you might’ve forgotten.

So, put on your favorite song and dance like no one’s watching. It’s therapeutic!

7. Sticking to “Plan A” All the Time

It’s great to have a plan. It gives direction, purpose, and a clear path forward.

But what happens when life throws a wrench into those plans?

Many of us fret, panic, or feel lost.

We’ve become so fixated on our Plan A that we forget there’s an entire alphabet of possibilities out there.

Being too rigid with our plans can make life predictable and dull. It narrows our vision and limits our experiences.

While it’s okay to have goals and aspirations, it’s equally important to be open to life’s little detours.

So next time your Plan A goes south, instead of feeling stuck, embrace the unexpected.

Maybe it’s time for Plan B, C, or even Plan Z.

These unplanned paths often lead to the most memorable adventures and lessons.

Life’s unpredictability can be its greatest gift – if we’re open to unwrapping it.

8. Fearing Judgement

We’ve all, at some point, held ourselves back because we’re terrified of what others might think. “What if they laugh?”, “What if they talk?”, “What if I look foolish?”.

These worries wrap around us, tighter and tighter, until we’re paralyzed.

Most people are too wrapped up in their own lives, insecurities, and worries to be overly concerned with every step you take.

And even if they did judge, so what? The sun won’t stop shining. The earth won’t stop turning.

By letting the potential thoughts of others dictate our actions, we’re surrendering our own life’s narrative.

We’re letting external whispers drown out our internal passions and desires.

And for what? Temporary comfort? Avoidance of potential embarrassment?

Remember, at the end of the day, you’re the one living your life, not them.

It’s about time we live it authentically, unapologetically, and free from the weight of imagined judgments.

Because, honestly, life’s too short for anything less.

9. Always Aiming for Perfection

In the quest for perfection, we often find ourselves caught in a never-ending cycle of dissatisfaction.

The pursuit, though noble in intention, can lead to missed opportunities and a skewed perspective on success.

Whether it’s crafting the perfect report, trying to maintain an immaculate home, or presenting an impeccable image to the world, aiming for flawlessness can be exhausting and limiting.

The reality? Perfection is elusive.

And while it’s commendable to strive for excellence, becoming fixated on achieving the “perfect” outcome can stifle creativity, hinder progress, and rob us of the joys found in life’s imperfect moments.

By embracing imperfections and valuing progress over perfection, we open doors to new experiences, lessons, and growth opportunities.

It’s often in the mishaps, the unexpected twists, and the minor flaws where we find the most valuable insights and authentic experiences.

So, the next time you find yourself paralyzed by the need for perfection, take a step back and ask yourself:

What might I gain from simply doing my best and accepting the outcome?

10. Prioritizing Alone Time Over Everything Else

Now, this might raise a few eyebrows. Isn’t solitude a good thing?

In today’s chaotic world, self-help gurus and wellness advocates often tout the virtues of alone time.

And they’re not wrong – solitude can be a great way to recharge, reflect, and relax.

But here’s the counterintuitive bit: too much of it can actually drain the color from your life.

When we box ourselves in, avoiding group activities, shying away from gatherings, or always choosing solo experiences, we inadvertently create a silo.

We miss out on the spontaneous laughter of group hangouts, the richness of diverse conversations, and the simple joy of shared experiences.

Balance is key. While it’s essential to cherish moments with oneself, it’s equally important to intersperse them with communal experiences.

Sometimes, it’s in the chaos, the banter, and the shared memories where we find unexpected bursts of joy.

So, once in a while, trade that book for a group game, or that solo hike for a team trek.

The balance might just reinvigorate your life in ways you never expected.

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