Academic & Dissertation Proofreading

Academic Proofreading for Students & Academics

Global English Editing offers a specialized academic proofreading service which is designed to perfect an already well-written document.

Academic proofreading is a different service from our academic editing services, namely thesis editing, dissertation editing, journal article editing and essay editing, as it involves proofreading rather than editing.

Dissertation proofreading
  • Professional editors
  • Cheaper than editing
  • You decide the return date
  • Confidentiality guaranteed

Proofreading has less ambition than editing and involves one of our professional editors diligently reviewing the document to catch grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

Academic proofreading is designed for students and academics who are confident writers, but require a professional editor to eliminate language mistakes to ensure that their document is absolutely publication ready. We cater for all types of academic documents, including dissertations, journal articles, research papers, book chapters and more.

Why academic proofreading is important

Even accomplished writers are not well equipped to proofread their own writing, especially those seeking academic publication. Writers become too attached to their wording and inevitably skip over mistakes.

Global English Editing’s academic editors, on the other hand, have an objective set of eyes and are perfectly equipped to proofread an academic document. All of our editors have high level academic qualifications – either a PhD or Master’s degrees – and many years experience as professional editors. They are sharp, skillful and extremely competent proofreaders.

Why pay for editing when all you need is proofreading?

Most professional editing companies provide a one-size-fits-all editing service for all academic writing. However, some students and academics only require proofreading rather than editing. You shouldn’t have to pay more for a service you do not need.

Global English Editing’s standalone academic proofreading service means that confident writers can still receive the benefit of a professional editor reviewing their work without having to pay the higher price of editing.

Professional editors are the best proofreaders

Although it might be tempting to have a friend or family member proofread your dissertation or other academic document, only a professional editor can proofread it at an exceptional level.

Global English Editing’s professional editors understand the conventions of academic writing and the nuances of the English language. They are trained to be methodical and through experience can identify the common errors that are made in academic writing.

Great value proofreading

Proofreading is a cheaper service than editing and Global English Editing offers very competitive academic and dissertation proofreading rates. View our Prices page to confirm our affordability, and read more about how we operate to keep costs low without sacrificing quality.