Author Services

Author Services

Global English Editing provides book editing, proofreading and manuscript evaluation services for a range of authors, from first time novelists to experienced writers.

We have skilled book editors on our team, many from major publishing houses, who have considerable expertise in editing both fiction and non-fiction books. No matter your publishing aspirations, we have the editors who can substantially improve your manuscript and increase your chances of publishing success.

The services we provide authors are:

Key advantages of Global English Editing for authors:

Professional book editors

Global English Editing employs book editors from across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

High quality editors are attracted to working for us because of the regular work we provide and the flexibility we offer as an exclusively online company. We are extremely selective when it comes to recruitment and only a select few book editors make it through our recruitment process. Most of our editors have previously worked with major publishing houses and they all have the confidence, experience and skill to elevate your book to the next level.

Unlike many online professional editing services, our editors are not anonymous. Upon request we can identify the editor you will work with, including their experience and background.

Affordable rates

As an exclusively online company with few overheads, we offer extremely competitive rates for authors. We understand that many authors have a budget for professional editing services and therefore we keep our prices as low as possible, but we never sacrifice the quality of our work to do so.

Use our Price Calculator and confirm for yourself our genuine affordability.

Short turnarounds as no extra cost

Some authors require a short turnaround, while others may just want their manuscript returned in a reasonable time. Clients can select the return date that suits them and the price will always remain the same. We have a large team of book editors and can meet most requests, but we will always be upfront if the turnaround is too short to enable high quality work.

Please see our Prices page for more information on turnaround times.

Confidentiality guaranteed

Confidentiality and trust are essential in the publishing industry and we guarantee that an author’s work will be never be disclosed to a third party. We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to provide extra reassurance.

Read more about the steps we have taken to ensure client confidentiality in our Privacy Policy.

Book editing packages available

Global English Editing offers a variety of services for authors, namely book editing, proofreading and manuscript evaluation.

Receiving multiple editorial services is a great advantage for authors, as book editing, proofreading and manuscript evaluations each perform a unique role in improving a book. If you would like to utilize more than one of our services to optimize your manuscript, we offer great value book editing packages.

Please see our Package Deals here.