Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript Evaluation Service for Authors

A professional review of your manuscript is a critical part of preparing for publication.

As part of Global English Editing’s manuscript evaluation service, a book editor will, in a 3-4 page report, provide an objective assessment of the manuscript’s current state, including highlighting strengths and areas requiring improvement.

We also advise on what we believe should be your next step in the publishing process, whether it be further writing on your part, editing, proofreading, or perhaps proceeding straight to publication.

What Global English Editing’s manuscript evaluation service examines

Our manuscript evaluations address the following:

Fictions books

  • Character development, including whether they are compelling and believable
  • Plot arcs, including any contradictions or inconsistencies in the story
  • Consistency, flow and the clarity of the writing
  • Whether the writing style works for the genre.

Non-Fiction books

  • Clarity of ideas and arguments and whether there are any obvious weaknesses
  • The logical flow of ideas and arguments
  • Whether the writing style is suited to the intended readership
  • Technical aspects like citations and bibliography (if appropriate).


In addition to the above, we are happy to address any specific concerns an author has about their book. Our manuscript evaluations are not a one-size-fits-all service; they are tailored to each manuscript and authors can have input into what we examine.

Please note that manuscript evaluations do not involve any editing or proofreading.

A professional evaluation of your book

Global English Editing’s specialist book editors have considerable experience in the publishing world. They have high-level academic qualifications and have worked for many years as professional editors. We are fastidious when it comes to recruitment and employing the right book editors.

Through experience, our editors know what is required for a book to be successful and will provide the necessary advice to enable an author to achieve their publishing goals.

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Please contact us for a quote and we can discuss your book in detail and the type of evaluation you require.