Global English Editing works closely with writers and businesses from all backgrounds. Here is a selection of clients that we have recently worked with.

Recent Feedback

  • My experience with Global English Editing was so good that I have referred them to several of my friends. I contacted them about a week before my dissertation was due and, much to my surprise, they were able to commence work immediately and return it to me quickly. The editing itself exceeded my expectations and I was extremely happy with the end result. I look forward to working with them again soon.

    -Tara Dinh
    -University of Delaware
  • I looked at many editing services on the internet and you guys stood as being affordable and professional. I certainly wasn’t let down. The changes you made to my thesis were all quality and the editor made a number of constructive comments that I appreciated. I have recommended your editing company to my PhD colleagues.

    -Jasmine Ferrera
    -Nottingham Trent University
  • Thank you for all your help. I have published my latest book “Da Vinci Connections” and have been very happy with your service over all the books you have helped me with. I continue to write and will continue to use your service on my future efforts. Again, thank you.

    -Ronald Townsen
    -author of Da Vinci Connections
  • Great result. I really appreciate your service.

    -Roger Geaniton
    -author of Graffiti Safari
  • I have used the services of Global English Editing in several occasions to refine my scientific writing. I can tell you that I was very satisfied with the results and with their efficient work (always at time and with a high response rate). I really recommend this service to those wanting to overcome language barriers or improve the visibility of their writing.

    -David Helman
    -Postgraduate research fellow, University of Cambridge
  • I am very pleased with Global English Editing services. They returned my dissertation work before my preferred due date, and the editing work done was very thorough and accurate. I would highly recommend their service for those needing a quick turnaround for their dissertation and a reliable editing service.

    -Nathan Schmutz
    -University of California
  • I have been a client of Global English Editing for the last two years for proofreading and copy-editing of my academic papers. Besides the professional quality of the service, which is without any doubt one important reason for working with Global English Editing, an essential asset is their reliability. As a researcher, I have to deal with numerous deadlines for conferences, journal submissions, revisions, etc. As it is sometimes not possible to schedule a long time period for editing services before a deadline, a professional, reliable, quick and trustworthy service is required. This is why Global English Editing has been the editing service of my choice for the last several years and will also be in the future.

    -Dr. Christian Linder
    -Assistant Professor of Entrepenuership and Family Business Management, Free University of Bolzen-Bolzano
  • Global English Editing is a fantastic group. They have considerable expertise and enthusiastic editors. Every time we ask for an editing service for an academic journal, they find the right editor who always lives up to our requirements according to language (American vs British English) and academic knowledge (e.g. urban planning, civil engineering, energy policy, and sociology). Additionally, their service is fast and they have a reasonable price compared to other companies. According to various anonymous referees of the academic journals we have submitted to, Global English Editing have done very good editing/proofreading work. Thus, I strongly recommend non-native speakers to seek Global English Editing for their proofreading/editing services to improve the possibility of being accepted by international academic journals.

    -Li Shengxiao
    -School of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University
  • We have used GEE’s editing services on multiple occasions and we have been very impressed by the work performed and the fast turnaround. They are ideal for businesses like us.

    -Mark Bakacs,
    -co-founder of Ideapod
  • After speaking to a number companies, I used Global English Editing for my dissertation. Overall, I received an excellent service and would recommend them to any student looking to publish their work.

    -Michael. H. Salisbury
    -Research Fellow, School of Business, University of Alberta
  • Global English Editing was a life saver for me as I was in a mad rush to submit my dissertation on time. I was impressed with their professionalism and courtesy throughout as I asked many questions and was very specific about what I wanted. My dissertation was much better for using them and I wish Katie, and her team, all the best for the future.

    -Laura Fikse
    - International Law master’s program, Maastricht University
  • Global English Editing did a fantastic job on my thesis. The editor made a number of helpful suggestions and identified mistakes I did not know I was making. I will definitely use them again.

    -Maurice Ghannam
    -Phd Candidate, Rutgers University
  • Thank you Global English Editing for your excellent service. I recommend them highly for your journal editing needs.

    -María Martín de Almagro
    -GEM PhD School Fellow, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • It was my lucky day when I discovered Global English Editing. The editors are more than good readers, they take a real interest in their client’s words. Editing isn’t just about dotting all the i’s. They search out all those little flaws that the writer has become blind to, and make suggestions in the nicest way. I’m recommending Global English Editing to all my writer friends.

    -Brian Mullally
    -author of If I Were a BlackBird
  • Wonderful job. The editing was clear, professionally done and allows me to make informed decisions where it may affect the style or tone of the work. My editor was very thorough and completed the edit in a timely manner.

    -Nic Meredith
    -author of Blood Truths

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