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Book editing, also known an copyediting, is our most popular service for authors. It is designed for authors who have a largely finished manuscript but require professional editing before publication to greatly improve its chances of success. 

A selection of our published clients is shown on the Testimonials page. We have helped authors with a broad range of fiction novels, children’s books, short story anthologies, non-fiction books, and more.

Global English Editing’s book editing service is focused on the overall the quality of the writing, including language use and clarity of expression. We optimize the writing in the context of the genre and target audience, ensuring that the style and tone is appropriate, while also paying attention to the many universal norms of good fiction and non-fiction writing. 

Some authors choose to skip professional editing, and opt for book proofreading alone. However, the editing process has great potential to improve even an already good manuscript.

Outline of our book editing service

Global English Editing book editing services

Authors retain complete creative control over their manuscript. We edit Microsoft Word documents using Track Changes, and therefore our changes are clearly visible. We can also edit PDF documents with Adobe Editor.

Clients receive two documents at the competition:

  • Track changes copy, with all changes clearly marked up
  • Clean copy, with the changes already incorporated. 

Advantages of us for book editing services

The professional editing process can be a daunting one for any author, especially a first time one. Although a friend or family member may be willing to edit or proofread your novel, a professional editor is better equipped than a hobby editor to provide the editorial assistance needed to improve it.

Global English Editing’s author services are designed to provide quality editorial assistance to authors at affordable prices. We are a great value option for authors regardless of their publishing aspirations.

We combine quality author services with very competitive prices because we only employ skilled professional editors, but have an exclusively online, efficient and flexible operation.

Don’t just take our word for the quality service we provide. Our testimonial page shows what our published clients have to say about our author services.

Professional book editors

Editing a manuscript is a specialized service, and an author requires a professional book editor rather than a generalist one. We employ professional book editors who have considerable experience in the publishing industry – many have previously worked for major publishing houses.

Be assured that your editor will have the experience and skill to improve your manuscript. 

Affordable editing for authors

Global English is an affordable book and manuscript editing services option. As we are an exclusively online businesses, we keep our costs down and prices low.

We deliberately cater to the increasing demand for affordable editing services which has been spurred by the accessibility of publishing through the e-Book market.

Flexible turnaround time

We also understand that some authors value flexibility in the turnaround time. Perhaps they have a looming deadline for publication, or simply do not want to wait a month for the professional editing process. Therefore, authors can select the turnaround time that suits them and the price will always remain the same.

Find out more about our affordability and turnaround times on the Prices page.

Global English Editing’s other advantages

For a full outline of the advantages that Global English Editing offers book authors, please see the main Author Services page.

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Wonderful job. The editing was clear, professionally done and allows me to make informed decisions where it may affect the style or tone of the work. My editor was very thorough and completed the edit in a timely manner.
Nic Meredith

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