Dissertation Editing

Dissertation Editing Services for Students

You’ve probably just finished (or are about to finish) your dissertation and now you’re looking for a dissertation editing service that is reliable, affordable, and most importantly, can genuinely help you achieve your submission or publication goals.

Welcome, you’ve come to the right place.

dissertation editing service description

Dissertation editing is Global English Editing’s most popular service, and we have helped many honors, master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral students achieve academic success. Our editors understand the academic research and writing process, and the reasons why committees approve or reject dissertation papers.

We specialize in helping English as a Second Language students, but have also helped many native-English speaking students too. A dissertation is such a huge undertaking, and the expectations by universities for quality writing so high, that any student can benefit from
our professional services.

Global English Editing is a great value editing option for students. We combine quality and affordability because of the way we have embraced the Internet to run our business. Although we only employ professional academic editors from a range of disciplines, we keep
our costs down (and therefore prices low) by being an exclusively online and efficient editing business.

See our testimonial page for what previous clients have said about the quality service we provide.

What to expect from our dissertation editing services

When we edit your dissertation our editors focus on:

  • Eliminating spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes
  • Ensuring subject/verb agreements, tense consistency, and active instead of passive voice
  • Improving word use and sentence structure
  • Clear expression of ideas
  • Consistent language, spelling (American English or British English) and style
  • Consistent application of the chosen referencing style, such as APA, Harvard, or any other.

Students retain complete control over their work. We edit Microsoft Word documents using Track Changes, and therefore our changes are clearly visible. We can also edit PDF documents.

If you require help with the formatting of your document, please contact us and outline your requirements (extra charges may apply).

At the completion of our editing service you will receive a track changes copy and a
clean copy. For more information about the document return process please see the
How it Works page.

If you would prefer a dissertation proofreading service over editing, please visit this page for more information.

Professional academic editors

The quality of our dissertation editors is what separates us from other dissertation editing services.

We have a large team of editors with academic backgrounds from a range of disciplines, including all major science fields, the social sciences, medicine, engineering, economics, law, psychology, and much more. Our editors have high level academic qualifications (most have PhDs and additional qualifications in editing), considerable experience as academic editors, and are native-English speakers.

Importantly, our editors have expertise across all referencing styles, including APA, Harvard, MLA, CMS, and many more.

You decide the return date and the price always remains the same

Do you have an imminent deadline to submit your dissertation?

Global English Editing never discriminates in price based on the turnaround and we accommodate short turnarounds at no extra cost. We appreciate that Master’s and PhD students, in particular, might have a looming deadline and we do our best to accommodate them.

Read more about our unique approach to turnaround times on the Prices page.

An ethical editing service

We abide by a doctrine of ethics and therefore do not assist students with content writing or research. You can be assured that working with us will not contravene your university’s guidelines regarding professional editing.

Confidentiality guaranteed

We understand that dissertations contain original research and sensitive data and therefore we have taken a number of steps to guarantee your confidentiality. In particular, uploads and downloads to our server are encrypted and all our editors are bound by nondisclosure agreements. You can read more about our confidentiality procedures here.