Dissertation Editing Services for Students

If you have just written your dissertation and are considering having it professionally edited, there are two things to say.

First, congratulations! Your dissertation will probably be the most difficult writing task of your career. Nearly half of all people who start a PhD do not complete their dissertation, so well done.

The second thing is this:

While every piece of writing can benefit from editing, the professional editing you’ll receive from Global English Editing for your dissertation is absolutely crucial.

Why do you need professional dissertation editing?

Dissertations are so difficult.

Not only are you being asked to do an original piece of research – you are pretty much expected to be the leading expert in your area of specialty. And you have to prove it in a highly formulaic document with multiple, sometimes arcane requirements – all written to the highest academic standards.

Here are two main reasons you need Global English Editing to help you with your dissertation.

1. Dissertations are complex

While the requirements vary from discipline to discipline, all dissertations have at least half a dozen major sections.

Your Introduction fills a very different role than, say, your Literature Review. It also requires a more open and inviting writing style. Methodology sections should be compact, direct and transparent. They are entirely different from Discussion sections, which should employ more nuance and breadth.

The list could go on.

Complexity also comes from the sheer number of more ‘menial’ tasks: there are headings and subheadings to create, graphs figures and tables to place. Bibliographies, appendices. There is the huge task of making sure your references are correct. (We have edited legal dissertations with more than a thousand footnotes!)

Keeping track of all these requirements and incorporating them properly can lead to:

  • Errors
  • Things being left out
  • Subpar writing.

That’s where Global English Editing comes in.

Our editors can simplify the whole process for you and ensure that every component of your dissertation is written to a high standard.

2. You need an objective reader

We all know that writers should not edit their own work.

If anything, this old adage goes double for dissertations. Students tend to read over their dissertations obsessively – to the point where they cannot hope to be objective anymore.

A common remedy is finding a friend or family member to read the dissertation with a ‘fresh set of eyes.’ This usually ends badly.

Unless these ‘fresh eyes’ belong to an experienced editor, they are going to miss mistakes; their owners are going to misunderstand your ideas, query the wrong things and make unhelpful suggestions ­– that’s if they can even get through the whole thing!

The dissertation editors at Global English Editing have helped many honors, master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral students submit their theses and dissertations in the best possible condition. Many of us have PhDs ourselves. We remember the experience of writing our owns dissertation, and have first-hand experience of the pitfalls involved.

Global English Editing will ensure that your work is free of errors and that the writing exceeds the expectations of your supervisor and committee.

What Global English Editing will do for you

As part of our dissertation editing service, your Global English Editing editor will:

  • Correct spelling, grammar, usage and punctuation mistakes
  • Improve word use and sentence structure
  • Improve your language, including the clarity of your expression and academic tone
  • Ensure all academic conventions are met, including your chosen referencing style
  • Check for consistency in headings and subheadings; table of contents; titles of figures and graphs; footnotes, endnotes or in-text referencing; bibliography or reference list, etc.
  • Our editors will also offer constructive criticism – on issues like syntax, jargon, cliché, vocabulary, repetition and imprecision – that will actually help you improve your writing.

We want you to have the freedom to focus on what’s most important – your research and creating great content. You can be secure in the knowledge that your writing and language will be much stronger after the editing process and all academic conventions will be satisfied.

Hundreds of students from the United States and around the world have benefited from our service.

Experienced dissertation editors

The quality of our dissertation editors is what separates us from other dissertation editing services.

Global English Editing a large team of editors with academic backgrounds from a range of disciplines, including:

  • Medical Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Engineering
  • Business & Economics
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Education
  • Law
  • Psychology.

Our dissertation editors have high-level academic qualifications; most have PhDs themselves and additional qualifications in professional editing. They also have considerable experience as academic editors. As we only employ the best native-English speakers from the US, the UK, and Australia, be assured that they have the skill to considerably improve your dissertation writing.

We have expertise across all citation styles, including APA, Harvard, MLA, and CMS. Our editors are equally adept at editing American English or British English.

More and more, English is becoming the language of academic discourse. This means that non-native speakers are producing dissertations in English. Our editors have edited many such dissertations and know what to look for.

When we are finished, your dissertation will look like it was written by a native English speaker.

Our process

We edit Microsoft Word documents using Track Changes. Therefore, our suggested changes are always clearly visible. Our editors also make free use of comment boxes to make any comments about consistency, style, vocabulary or queries about content.

Global English Editing can also edit PDF documents (upon request).

If you require assistance with formatting, such as formatting your dissertation according to APA or any other style, please outline your requirements to us. Note that extra charges may apply. Upon request we can:

  • Create your Title page, Table of Contents, List of Figures, etc.
  • Format your tables and figures
  • Format your appendices
  • Crosscheck your in-text references with your reference list.

After our editing service is completed, you will receive a track changes copy and a clean copy.

If you would prefer a dissertation proofreading service over editing, please visit this page for more information.

dissertation editing track changes

Great value editing

Global English Editing is a great value online editing option.

We know that many students have a budget for professional dissertation editing, but they still deserve high-quality editing from an experienced editor. We have designed our service with you in mind.

We combine quality and affordability because we are an exclusively online and flexible business. We employ experienced academic editors from a range of disciplines, but we keep our costs down – and therefore prices low – by doing everything online.

The result is that we provide high-quality editing services at very competitive rates.

Check out our low rates by using our Price Calculator here.

You decide the return date, and the price always remains the same

Do you have a looming deadline to submit your dissertation?

Global English Editing never charges extra for a short turn around.

Our prices remain the same regardless of the return date that you nominate. We appreciate that Master’s and PhD students, in particular, may have a deadline and therefore we accommodate them.

Read more about our unique approach to turnaround times on the Prices page.

Why you should trust us with your dissertation

Global English Editing is one of the best editing services for students writing dissertations because:

  • Confidentiality guaranteed. We understand that dissertations contain original research and sensitive data. Therefore, we have taken a number of steps to guarantee your confidentiality. In particular, uploads to our server are encrypted, and all our editors are bound by nondisclosure agreements. Your work will never be shared with a third party. You can read more about our confidentiality procedures here.
  • University-approved editing. Working with us will in no way contradict your university’s rules regarding professional editing. We abide by a doctrine of ethics and do not assist students with content writing or research. There are unscrupulous dissertation editing companies on the internet that help students with academic writing – we are not one of them.
  • Quality guaranteed. You will always receive the highest quality service. As well as employing only expert dissertation editors, we have also developed a comprehensive quality assurance system. For instance, a second set of eyes will always review your dissertation. You can read more about our quality procedures here.

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