Package Deals

Great Value Package Deals for Authors

To receive the maximum benefit from the professional editing process, why not try one of our great value package deals? Here, we offer multiple author services at a substantial discount to normal prices.

The professional editing process is multifaceted and authors enjoy a significant advantage from multiple services. Manuscript evaluation, book editing, and proofreading have separate roles in improving a book and are powerful in combination.

Package 1: Book editing and proofreading

In this package, you first receive our book editing service. An editor will go through your book line by line and correct language mistakes, and improve word use, sentence structure and expression.

You then have time to go through the changes and incorporate them into your work.

Finally, just before publication, one of our editors will give the book a final stage proofread to ensure the copy is perfect and entirely free of surface errors and inconsistency.

Package 2: Manuscript evaluation and book editing

Get your book edited by our professional editors and at the same time evaluated, so that you get a report outlining its strengths and areas that need improvement.

We will return an edited copy of your book together with a separate document containing the evaluation.

This gives you great bang for your buck as one of our editors edits and evaluates your book at the same time.

Package 3: Manuscript evaluation, book editing and proofreading

This is our most comprehensive package where you take advantage of our three authors services: manuscript evaluation, book editing and proofreading.

First, one of our editors will edit and evaluate your book (like Package 2).

Then, after you’ve assessed the changes and absorbed all the information in the evaluation, you’re free to make whatever changes to your book that you feel necessary.

When you’re ready we will perform a final stage proofread of your book so that it’s in top shape for publication.

Contact us for a price

Contact us for the prices of the three packages. The price will be based on the number of words in the book.