Academic Editing

Academic Editing Service by Professional Editors

Global English Editing specializes in providing professional academic editing and proofreading services to students and academics.

We have a team of professional academic editors who are experienced in various disciplines and have expertise in citation styles such as APA, Harvard, Chicago, MLA, and more. Clients are matched with the most experienced academic editor in the subject matter.

Whether clients have a thesis, dissertation, journal article, essay or anything else academic, their academic document will be in the right hands.

We also have considerable experience in assisting English as a Second Language (ESL) students and academics publish their work and achieve academic success. We understand the unique challenges that they face when writing academic documents. Not only do we ensure that their writing reflects a high level of English proficiency, but also that appropriate academic conventions are satisfied.

Don’t just take out word for it. See our Testimonial page for what previous clients have to say about our academic editing services.

Our academic editing and proofreading services:

These six academic editing and proofreading services are specifically tailored to the needs of the academic document in question.

Outside of them, we can also edit or proofread academic text books, reports, grant proposals, conference papers, and much more.

Great value & flexibility on the turnaround

Global English Editing is an affordable option for students and academics. Read about Our Online Advantage here.

You also get to nominate your preferred return date. We can handle most requests as we have a large team of editors. The price remains the same regardless of the turnaround.

Professional academic editors

Your academic document is in excellent hands. We have a team of experienced academic editors from a range of disciplines, including many science fields, the social sciences, medicine, engineering, economics, law, psychology, and much more. In their professional lives as editors, they have worked on many high level academic projects.

Our editors all have high level academic qualifications, considerable experience as professional editors, and are native-English speakers.

Confidentiality is guaranteed

We understand that many academic documents contain original research and sensitive information. Therefore, we take the issue of confidentiality seriously and we will never disclose your work to a third party. We are happy to sign a non-disclosure form to give you extra peace of mind.

Read more about the steps we have taken to ensure client confidentiality in our Privacy Policy.

Ethical academic editing service

We also provide an ethical copy editing service. Students can be assured that using our services will not contravene their university’s rules or guidelines. As part of our ethical doctrine, we do not write or research on behalf of students.

For more information about the ethics of professional editing please read our blog post on this subject: The Ethics of Editing for Students