How Global English Editing works

How GEE works

Key features of our process

Communication before payment

We do not believe that our clients are best served by a fully automated submission and payment system. We want our clients to make payment with absolute confidence. Therefore, only when we are both in sync about the job do we request payment and allocate an editor. We discuss in more detail our philosophy behind this below.

Files accepted

We edit Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file types, using the track changes function. Clients retain creative control over their work, with our changes clearly visible and comments and suggestions made in the margin. If you need help converting your LaTeX document into Word or PDF, please contact us.

Payment method

Payment can be made through the safe and secure Paypal system. Paypal is free to use, does not require an account, and accepts credit cards. 

Upfront payment required

After you are ready to proceed, we request payment. Your editor can begin immediately after payment is made. 

You decide the return date

As we outline on the Prices page, you can nominate your preferred return date and the price will remain the same regardless of the turnaround time.

Two documents returned

By the agreed return date we will return two documents. One with all changes clearly clearly visible in the body of the text, with comments and suggestions in the margin, and the other a clean copy with changes already incorporated. However, we encourage you to review the changes.

Available to answer questions

Our operations team are always available via email or phone to answer your questions during and after the editing process. We are happy to provide clarification on any of the changes made.

The philosophy behind our submission and payment system

Global English Editing is an avowedly online company that leverages the enormous power of the Internet to be a great value proposition. However, we do not believe that our clients are best served by having a totally automated submission and payment process.

Effective communication is an essential ingredient in a quality editing and proofreading service. Therefore, our operations team will review your initial submission and answer your questions.

In turn, we may have questions for you so that we fully understand the context of your job. Only when we are both in sync do we request payment and allocate an editor.

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