Business Editing and Proofreading Services

Global English Editing is expertly equipped to help businesses around the world with business editing and business proofreading services, including small businesses, non-profits and large companies.

We can edit or proofread any business document, including website content, annual reports, ebooks, articles, newsletters, press-releases, blogs, marketing material, CVs, cover letters, and much more.

Global English Editing is the perfect solution for those looking to outsource their business editing and proofreading. We offer:

  • Outstanding editing and proofreading performed by our experienced professional editors
  • Great value for money
  • Incredible flexibility and fast turnaround times
  • Confidentiality

Global English Editing’s business services:

Business Editing

Business editing
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  • Professional editors
  • Receive a perfectly polished document
  • Short turnarounds – no extra cost
  • Confidentiality guaranteed

Our most popular service for businesses is business editing. As part of this service, our editors will improve the quality of the writing, making it more professional, compelling and appropriate for the intended audience.

Inclusive of this, we will also eliminate spelling and grammar errors and inconsistency in word use.

Editing can genuinely improve the quality of writing in a business document, rather than just fix mistakes (proofreading is designed to do that). We have editors on our team who specialize in business editing. They know what changes are required to fully optimize a business document and make it as effective as possible.

Business Proofreading

Our business proofreading service is perfect when you need a meticulous editor to comb through your document and eliminate any spelling or grammar mistakes, typos and inconsistency in language. Whether you have an annual report, marketing material, or something entirely different, our proofreading ensures error-free and professional business communication.

Business proofreading is a more basic service than business editing, and this is reflected in its cheaper price.

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Advantages of working with us:

Experienced business editors

We believe that quality editing requires a specialist editor rather than an English major straight out of college. This certainly applies to business editing and proofreading.

Our editors specialize in business editing and business proofreading and have experience in improving many different document types. Therefore, they have a business mindset and know what is required to optimize business writing in the context of the document and target audience.

Great value

Global English Editing is an affordable editing and proofreading option for businesses and organizations. However, our affordability in no way detracts from the quality of editing and proofreading we provide.

By operating exclusively online, we are an editing service specifically designed to combine quality and affordability in one package—read more about this on the Our Online Advantage page.


Flexibility is essential for our business clients and therefore we operate with flexibility in mind. Global English Editing is a dynamic service provider that can tailor our offerings to meet our clients’ needs.

One way we are flexible is that our clients can decide the return date and the price will always remain the same. We never charge extra for a short turn around. Read more about our approach to this on the Prices page.

We can also handle spikes in work volume and can return work on the same day. Our editors work 7 days a week and in different time zones across the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Therefore, you can submit work at the COB one day and receive it early next morning, or on Friday afternoon and have it back Monday before you arrive in the office.


Some business documents can be highly sensitive. Therefore, we take confidentiality seriously and we will never disclose client work to a third party. We are also happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to provide extra peace of mind.

Read more about our commitment to client confidentiality in our Privacy Policy.

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Whether you require once-off assistance or an ongoing relationship, please contact us at any time. We can create a bespoke business editing or business proofreading service perfectly tailored to your organization.