Book Proofreading

Book Proofreading Service for Authors

Book proofreading is an essential step before final publication to ensure accuracy, consistency and quality, and an enjoyable reading experience.

Authors are often too close to their work to proofread effectively and spot elementary language mistakes and inconsistencies. Although a friend or family member be gladly offer to proofread your book, a professional book editor is much better equipped to perform the job well.

Global English Editing employs professional editors who specialize in book editing and proofreading. They know the common mistakes that authors tend to make and are in the best position to ensure that a book is error-free.

Global English Editing’s book editing service is designed to ensure that a manuscript is mistake-free and consistent in spelling, style and terminology. We recommend that book proofreading be the last step in the publishing process, and is usually most effective after a book editing service has been received. If you are not there yet, our book editing and manuscript evaluation services may be more appropriate as they are designed to improve the book at an earlier stage.

However, authors have different goals and proofreading may be the only service some authors require. As a standalone service, our book proofreading service can improve the quality of a manuscript by eliminating mistakes and inconsistency.

Outline of Global English Editing’s book proofreading service

Authors retain complete creative control over their manuscript. We proofread Microsoft Word documents using the Track Changes function, and therefore our changes are clearly visible. We can also proofread books in PDF file using Adobe’s PDF editor.

At the completion of each proofreading job, clients receive a track changes copy of the document and a clean copy with all the changes already incorporated.

If you would prefer a book editing service, please visit this page for more information.

Affordable proofreading

Global English Editing is an affordable option for authors who want a final proofread of their book. We keep our prices low by being exclusively online and efficient.

Flexible turnaround

We are also flexible with the turnaround. Authors can choose the turnaround that suits them and the price will remain the same. Read more about our affordability and flexibility on the Prices page.