How Global English Editing operates

Global English Editing provides high quality editing and proofreading services at great prices because we have been designed to combine quality and affordability.Quality Editing by Global English Editing

Three key features of Global English Editing:

Professional editors 

Quality editing and proofreading requires quality editors. Therefore, we adopt a fastidious approach to recruitment and only employ leading professional editors who specialize in academic, book or business writing

Exclusively online operation

Global English Editing is an exclusively online business, with our editors and operations team working remotely. We place enormous emphasis on digital connectivity to work together seamlessly, and most importantly be accessible to clients anywhere in the world 

Minimizing costs 

As an online business with no office we avoid many associated overheads. However, an exclusively online business should strive to reduce its costs even further. 

Perhaps the most effective way we receive new business is the free, timeless and decidedly pre-digital method of keeping clients happy, which has resulted in repeat work and plenty of referrals.

Great rates without sacrificing quality

The Global English Editing business is geared towards providing high quality editing and proofreading services at affordable prices. We combine a great team of professional editors, an exclusively online operation and a mindset of minimizing costs to offer exceptional value for money to writers around the world.

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