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Professional Editing Services for Writers

Global English Editing is a leader in professional editing services for writers everywhere. We assist students, academics, authors, businesses, and professionals with all their editing and proofreading needs.

Academics & students

Global English Editing provides editing services for students and academics from the United States and all across the globe. Our five main academic editing services are:

Our team of experienced academic editors provides an unrivaled editing service for clients. As our team of editors is a large one, we have specialists in a wide range of academic disciplines, including the sciences, medicine, business, law and the humanities. All our academic editors have high-level academic qualifications, considerable experience as professional editors, and are native English speakers.

We also understand that many students and academics have a budget, and therefore we endeavor to be as affordable as possible for them. Check out our Prices page to see the great value services we offer academic clients.


Global English editing provides book editing services for a range of authors, both fiction and nonfiction, and who are publishing digitally or print. Our professional book editors come from some of the world’s leading publishing companies and have considerable experience assisting authors to publish their work with success.

Read more about our book editing services here.

In addition to book editing, we also provide proofreading, manuscript evaluation, and package deals for authors.

Businesses & Professionals

Global English Editing provides business editing services to large companies, nonprofits, small businesses, and professionals. We can improve any business document, including website content, annual reports, marketing material and more. Businesses are attracted to our services because of the quality work performed by our editors, the great value we offer, and the fact that we can guarantee client confidentiality.

Read more about our business editing services here.

Why choose us for your professional editing services?

Quality work & affordability

Global English Editing is a leading professional editing services provider because we combine quality editing with affordability.

We provide quality professional editing services because of the quality of our editors. The editors on our team are highly educated and have considerable experience in the industry. We take the recruitment process seriously and only the most qualified editors get to join our growing team.

Although quality editing services are our main focus, Global English keeps prices low by being an exclusively online and efficient operation. Read more about our unique business model here.

Short turnarounds at no extra cost

Many clients have looming deadlines before submission or publication. Therefore, we do our best to accommodate them.

Instead of charging extra for short turnarounds (like most others do), we can return your document quickly at no extra cost. Clients can nominate their preferred return date, and as long as there is a reasonable amount of time for us to complete the work, we will agree to meet it. Our prices remain the same regardless of the turnaround time.

Read more about our prices and approach to turnaround times on the Prices page.


Global English Editing understands how important confidentiality is for writers, who are entrusting us with their sensitive and original material.

Therefore, we have taken a number of steps to guarantee client confidentiality, which you can read more about here. On request, we can even sign a non-disclosure agreement. You can rest assured that your work will be respected and never shared with a third party.