Quality Assurance

Quality Control to Guarantee Satisfaction

Global English Editing provides quality editing and proofreading services at affordable prices. To ensure that our clients receive a quality outcome every time, we have developed a quality control process.

The four features of this process are:

1. We only employ professional editors who are subject matter experts

Editors hired by Global English Editing must meet specific requirements regarding their academic background, work experience, and skill set. You can have absolute confidence that a professional editor with considerable industry experience will be working on your document.

2. We always allocate the best available editor

We allocate each job to the best suited editor based the subject matter of the writing and the expertise of the editor. To do so, we take the time to understand the context of your work and the editing or proofreading needed.

Unlike many other editing companies, our system is not automated, and we will always have dialogue before payment is made and the editor allocated.

3. Transparent editing guidelines

We have created specific guidelines for each category of editing and proofreading that our must editors adhere to. They are published on the individual service pages on our website, so that prospective clients are also fully informed about what they will receive from us. This helps ensure a transparent, consistent and high quality service.

4. Regular client feedback

Communication is a priority for us throughout the editing process, and also afterwards. By soliciting feedback from clients, we gauge their satisfaction levels in relation to our service and the performance of their editor.

Dispute resolution

These four steps help us guarantee quality editing and proofreading and ultimately client satisfaction. However, no system is foolproof and we encourage all feedback, even negative, so that we can continually improve our service.

If you feel that the level of service has not been up to the high standard we have set, we are happy to review the work and if necessary re-edit it free of charge.