Thesis Editing Services for Students

A popular service for Global English Editing is thesis editing, and we have helped a range of students from different backgrounds submit a high quality document.

A thesis may be the foremost document of your academic career and it represents months, or even years, of preparation and writing. You want the final version to be flawless.

Thesis editing outline

However, after spending such a long period of time writing and re-writing, students inevitably become ‘blind’ to the errors and problems with their work. We provide a fresh and experienced set of eyes to review and optimize your work.

If you’ve just completed your thesis, it’s important to find the right editor. You probably want three things in a professional editing service:

  • Reliability
  • Affordable price
  • A quality editor to work on your thesis.

You’ve come to the right place then. 

What to expect from our thesis editing service

Global English Editing’s thesis editing service is designed to optimize the quality of language, and ensure that all academic conventions are met. This is what we focus on during the editing process:

  • Eliminating spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes
  • Ensuring subject/verb agreements, tense consistency, and active instead of passive voice
  • Improving word use and sentence structure
  • Clear expression of ideas
  • Consistent language, spelling (American or British English) and style
  • Consistent application of the chosen referencing style, such as APA, Harvard, or any other. 

Students also retain complete control over their work. We edit Microsoft Word documents using Track Changes, with our changes clearly visible. We can also edit PDF documents with Adobe Editor using “sticky notes”. 

If you require help with the formatting of your document, please contact us and outline your requirements (extra charges may apply).

For more information about the editing process please see the How it Works page.

Quality academic editors

We take the recruitment process seriously and only hire a small percentage of academic editors who apply with us. All editors on our team have high level academic qualifications, considerable experience as professional editors, and are native-English speakers. You can be assured that your editor has the skill and experience to fully optimize your thesis.

Affordable prices

Global English Editing understands that students may have a budget when it comes to professional editing, and therefore we offer affordable editing services.

Read about how we are able to combine high quality editing at great prices on the Our Online Advantage page. As an exclusively online business, our prices are lower than many of our competitors, but the results we produce are second to none.

Short turnarounds accommodated at no extra cost

In addition to affordable prices, we never discriminate in price based on the turnaround time. We understand that graduate students, in particular, may have tight deadlines for their thesis submission and therefore we accommodate them.

We can accommodate most requests because we have a large team of editors. Read more about our turnaround approach on the Prices page.

Other key advantages

Our academic editing page outlines the other advantages of working with us, including:

  • The experienced academic editors on our team
  • How we guarantee client confidentiality
  • Why we are an ethical editing service (that in no way contravenes university rules or guidelines).

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Global English Editing did a fantastic job on my thesis. The editor made a number of helpful suggestions and identified mistakes I did not know I was making. I will definitely use them again.
Maurice Ghannam, Phd Candidate, Rutgers University

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