A Snapshot of American Reading Habits in 2017

Posted 12 Dec 2017, by

Brendan Brown

Reading opens up an infinite world of pleasure and discovery. People who read books are able to dive into another world, whenever they like, just by turning over a page. That’s a pretty wonderful thing to do. The problem with books is that they take time and space to ...Read More

How Reading Turns You Into a Real Superhuman (Infographic)

Posted 03 Oct 2017, by

Rachael Lui

Reading benefits infographic

Do books make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Are you the type of person who would rather stay coddled with a great book instead of doing literally anything else? Congratulations, you’re a book nerd just like us! There’s no greater feeling than turning a page knowing that you’re ...Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Global Reading Habits (Infographic)

Posted 12 May 2017, by

Brendan Brown

Reading is an activity that enriches our lives. As well as providing access to huge amounts of information and knowledge, we read for entertainment. Good stories provide an escape where your imagination can lift you away. When we read, not only are we improving our working memory, but research ...Read More

The Complete Guide to Editing and Proofreading for Students

Posted 12 Apr 2017, by

Dr. Duncan Koerber

In my teaching over the past 15 years, I’ve seen thousands of poorly written student assignments. Poorly written assignments outnumber the good ones, and they force me to spend lots of time deciphering students’ meaning and writing extensive comments on errors. Most students need to spend more time ...Read More

The 20 Most Popular Books Throughout History (Infographic)

Posted 14 Mar 2017, by

Brendan Brown

Although the term “blockbuster book” has only been coined recently, certain books have captured the public’s imagination well before Fifty Shades of Grey. Going back as far as the 10th Century BC, when I Ching was nothing more than thoughts scribed onto bamboo, we’ve been captivated by brilliant writing ...Read More