Why Writing is Better Than Sex

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The question of whether writing or sex is the superior pastime has divided humans since writing was first invented. Finally, the debate is over. Here are 10 definitive reasons why writing is indeed better than sex. If you liked this, then you’ll love Why Writers Make Incredible Friends. Embed This Image ...Read More

9 Reasons Why Writers Make Incredible Friends [Infographic]

Posted 19 Mar 2015, by


Last updated on 9 June 2016 Writers are stereotyped as being broody, moody and melancholy. According to the internet at least, they drink heavily and smoke a lot. However, you may be surprised to know that they actually make incredible friends.  Here are eight reasons why you should add a writer to your social ...Read More

Why Writers and Editors are at the Precipice of Reality

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You could say that an article about the importance of writers and editors written by an editor/writer is bound to be biased. And you would be correct in the sense that – as someone that works with words every day and is hyperaware of the power of a ...Read More

How to be a Location Independent Professional Editor

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Last updated on 16 October 2015 This is the first guide in a two part series about how editors and writers can earn money online while being location independent. You can read the second guide helping writers here. I won’t talk about the lifestyle component of location independence – even though this is the prime motivation for ...Read More

How to Write Your Way Around the World

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A nomadic lifestyle has become a reality in the age of the Internet, and a laptop carrying nomad can work from just about anywhere in the world with decent WiFi. Inspired by the book The 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss, there is a boom in ‘digital nomads’, ‘online entrepreneurs’ and ...Read More

Scholarship to Help Young People Change America

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Global English Editing has launched a scholarship program for American students’ intent on changing the country. In this blog we outline the reason for the scholarship and why we think young people today have enormous potential to be change-makers and make a positive contribution to society. Tomorrow’s transformative ...Read More