8 Reasons Why Editors Are The Hottest Date in Town [Infographic]

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1. Editors are smart

They may not be able to cure a disease but they’re all over the English language. According to the Global Language Monitor there are approximately 1,025,109.8 words in the English language. Just think, your editor date probably knows most of them, can pronounce them properly, and will probably even know what the heck that 0.8 of a word is.

If that doesn’t excite you, then perhaps dating isn’t for you.

2. Editors will adapt what you say into something better

We all dread putting our foot in it on a first date, whether you accidentally mention your criminal past or imply that your date looks like your mother.

However, that’s not the end of the world when you’re dating an editor. Professional editors fix writer’s mistakes for a living, and their personal relationships are not immune. They’ll dig up the most positive interpretation of what you’ve said, no matter how blathered your delivery was.

Your date will naturally help you backtrack from your rambling and throw in a few words to help you explain yourself.

3. Editors will help you clarify your thoughts

Have you always struggled to define yourself, whether in an interview or just your Twitter bio? Or, do you struggle to tell a story without interrupting yourself with forgotten information?

Fear not, your editor girlfriend or boyfriend will help you clarify your identity or clean up your story. They do that all day, after all. Forget about expensive psychoanalysts, your date will provide a completely unique source of therapy at no extra charge.

4. Editors are great listeners

Editing requires a lot of patience. Hours can be spent rereading the same section of writing and shuffling words about. Therefore, an editor’s tolerance for boredom is endless.

If you’re looking for someone to share your feelings with or explain very detailed, long-stretching arguments to, then you’ve definitely found your match. You won’t catch your date with his or her eyes glazing over; they will patiently listen to every word without a glimmer of a yawn.

5. Editors are social butterflies

Don’t be fooled by their isolated work, editors are definitely not shrinking violets. Those in the editing profession have an intrinsic love of words, language and communication, which comes across in every conversation they have.

Judging the taste of their audience and delivering the perfect message is also their forte, so you won’t find them telling inappropriate jokes at a family gathering. Not only to they pride themselves on presenting their words just right, they also know the best way to tell a story. So, you can guarantee that after every party, all your friends will be talking about your date’s great anecdote.

6. They have great attention to detail

Editors often don’t get the acknowledgement they deserve when it comes to creativity. In light of their methodical work, it’s easy to imagine them in a stuffy teacher’s office, sternly marking essays with a red pen.

However, editing is frequently named one of the best jobs for creative people. They often notice tiny changes that others wouldn’t pick up on and the overall effect of every adjustment.

Their attention to detail is not limited to grammar and spelling either, they’ll also notice the new hair cut you got or the belt you just bought. Never again will you have to say ‘notice anything different?’ and watch beads of sweat forming on a blank face as your partner looks you up and down.

7. Editors are super organized

Being organized is the new spontaneous!

Forget the impromptu trips to a place you’ve never heard of, this guy or gal will have a holiday itinerary, hotel reservations and might even know some of the language. Planners are often overlooked for not being romantic but in reality, a man (or woman) with a plan is much more appealing than taking the last available flight to Benidorm and staying at a hotel in no man’s land.

8. They are intense

If you’ve ever felt that you dated someone who was a bit too laid back, nonchalant or just plain uninterested, then you need to date an editor. They are dedicated, intense perfectionists, which is unsurprisingly considering they pour over words for hours on end.

They will often replicate this intensity in their relationships, so you’ll never be waiting too long for a text, an email, or even a carrier pigeon. (However, be warned that text talk is grounds for a break-up.) One can only imagine that they are as rigorous within all aspects of romance.

Overall, editors may not design beautiful buildings or save lives (although writers may beg to differ) but they have a host of great characteristics. If intelligence, organization and being a social butterfly sounds like your cup of tea, then look no further.

Editors are indeed the hottest date in town.

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