The Anatomy of a Best-Selling Book (Infographic)

Posted 22 Dec 2016, by

Brendan Brown

Have you ever wanted to write a best-selling book?

Although there is no magic formula for creating the next blockbuster novel, it turns out there are some commonalities between the most popular books of the past 100 years.

By identifying things like genre popularity, content types and strategies, the best places to publish, and the best mode of publishing, we’ve taken some of the guess work out of creating a novel that will appeal to today’s audience.

We have crunched the numbers on:

  • Average page length
  • Sex of the main protagonist
  • Average number of words per sentence
  • Genre popularity
  • Whether to self publish or get a publishing deal

And we’ve found a few significant common threads between some of the most popular books written over the past century.  The commonalities between these books can give us an idea of what readers in different areas of the world are intrigued by, in which genre you’re likely to find the biggest audience, and lots more tips about how to write a book that will join the ranks of the best-selling books of the last 100 years.

All of these important facts are presented in the following infographic, The Anatomy of a Best-Selling Book.


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