The 16 Best Science Fiction Books of All Time (Infographic)

Posted 22 Dec 2019, by

Elizabeth Brown

Science fiction is the future, and it always has been.

Whether it’s focusing on artificial intelligence, aliens, technology, time travel, space exploration, or other unknown creatures and worlds, all science fiction shares the common theme of examining experiences that no human has ever actually faced before.

We could argue all day what exactly defines the science fiction genre, but most agree that it differs from speculative fiction like Orwell’s “1984” and Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”, and their possible dystopian futures.

It also differs from the fantasy genre which can be based in completely fictional worlds. Science fiction stories usually exist in settings some way connected to our current human experience. Sci-fi also almost always features some sort of scientific or technological advancement that significantly influences the story line.

Science fiction is an inherently controversial genre, not only because it features stories that delve into the unknown, but also because its story lines are often metaphors used to critique present day society.

It’s the type of fiction that asks; what’s next for humanity if we continue down our current path?

For the past 200 years, science fiction has created some of the most profound, compelling, and popular novels in the world by examining how emotional, irrational, primal human beings fare in the face of powerful scientific advances they create.

Also, there’s aliens. Not always, but a lot of the time.

Basically, great sci-fi takes the human experience and adds rocket boosters.

To celebrate Science Fiction Day on 2 January 2020, Global English Editing have created an infographic featuring (what we believe) are the 16 best science fiction books of all time.

Check it out below.

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