World Reading Habits in 2020 [Infographic]

Posted 06 Nov 2020, by

Isabel Cabrera

2020 has been a strange year… for obvious reasons.

Most of us spent more time at home. For some, this meant tuning into Netflix from the sofa, or taking the opportunity to learn new skills from online education platforms such as MasterClass or Coursera.

However, for others this was an opportunity to dive into new books and read more.

How did coronavirus change our reading habits? Which countries read the most this year? And what books were we reading?

Global English Editing set about to answer these questions.

In our new infographic, we explored world reading habits in 2020 from all angles.

Some of the highlights of our research include:

  • India reads more than any other country, followed by Thailand and China
  • Printed books continue to drive more revenue than eBooks or audiobooks. However, physical books sales did dip because of coronavirus (not surprisingly).
  • Romance is our genre of choice, with one-third of all mass market fiction books being romance novels.
  • 35% of the world read more due to coronavirus.

Coronavirus hit the world hard, posing a serious health risk to vulnerable members of our community. Lockdowns around the world also had a devastating impact on the economy.

A silver lining of sorts though was that many of us were able to read more and learn new things.

Check out our infographic below to learn more about world reading habits in a year like no other.


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