The 120 Most Helpful Websites For Writers in 2016

Avatar by Brendan Brown | February 3, 2021, 6:17 am

Breaking into the world of writing can be a tough business. Whether you are building your freelance writing career or working on a novel, there are thousands of websites that provide resources for writers. But how do you know which ones are excellent and aren’t worth your while?

To solve this problem, we’ve created a comprehensive list of 120 of the best websites for writers in 2016. This is the second year running we have compiled such a list, and there are some exciting new additions to it.

To make the list easier to navigate, the entries are broken down into 14 different categories so you can jump right to the area you are looking for.

The 14 categories are:

  • Helpful Tips on Writing
  • General Resources for Writers
  • Be a Successful Freelance Writer
  • Publishing Your Work
  • Blogging
  • Grammar Tips
  • Writing Groups
  • Authors to Follow
  • Writers as Business Owners
  • Literary Agents
  • Writing Associations
  • Protect Yourself
  • Jobs & Marketplaces
  • Fun for Writers

From the most popular writing resources to hidden gems of the writing world, this list is an excellent starting point for websites that will give you the information you need so you can excel at what matters most – writing!

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Helpful Tips on Writing (1)

1. MasterClass

MasterClass was set up in 2015 by entrepreneur David Rogier and inventor Aaron Rasmussen. They thought that there was a huge reserve of knowledge in the heads of experts that was untapped, and that sharing it would, “in a small way, make the world a bit more equal.” You can learn from and be in inspsired by some great writers, such as Neil Gaman and Malcolm Gladwell. Check out our comprehensive MasterClass review here.

2. Story Fix

Larry Brooks has published six novels to date and his experience and expertise shines through in his blog. Whether you are looking for advice on how to structure your latest story or you want to take part in his affordable personal coaching services, Story Fix is a great starting point for any writer.

3. Write to Done

Mary Jaksch, a trained Zen master and highly accomplished writing guru, brings her expertise to the web with Write to Done. This website is packed full of helpful articles and tips to increase your writing efficiency, and even offers professional critique services for your latest project!

4. Advice to Writers

Advice to Writers is exactly how it sounds – great advice gathered from highly respected authors all in one comprehensive website! Here you can find advice and inspiration on any writing topic to improve your skills and break through the dreaded writer’s block.

5. Coursera

If you want to learn more about the art and craft of writing, Coursera has a number of writing courses taught my professors from leading universities around the world. Most of the content on Coursera is free, but if you want a professional qualification, there is a small fee. Check out our comprehensive Coursera review for more detail.

6. Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings is a great website when you need a little inspiration for your next project. Here you will find free resources with over 1,000 pages of interesting articles that cover topics ranging from writing tips to indepth author analysis.

7. Script

Script Magazine’s website is a hidden gem geared towards writers hoping to break into the screenwriting industry. Not only can you read blogs and how-to guides, this site also contains a comprehensive list of contests and job resources.

8. The Write Practice

The Write Practice is an incredible website that not only gives writing tips, but focuses on providing writing prompts and story ideas to help you break through to the next level of creativity.

9. Writer’s Digest

Whether you are a newbie or accomplished author, you’ve probably heard of this website – and for good reason! Regarded as one of the ultimate websites for all things writing, here you will find a goldmine of resources to help you get your work out into the publishing world!

Helpful Tips on Writing (2)

10. Writing World

Writing World lives up to its motto “Equipping writers for success” in every way! This expansive website has tools and resources for every element of the writing craft, including in-depth business tips and how-to guides.

11. Author Media

Author Media focuses on the online publishing and marketing niche by providing articles, tools, and training guides for writers. Be sure to check out their library of wordpress plug-ins that you can use immediately to start getting your writing out to the world!

12. Writers in the Storm

Looking for some inspiration in your writing? Writers in the Storm is the answer to getting you back on track. This easy to navigate website contains a well-developed writing blog filled with tricks of the trade, as well as an extensive resource list to guide you in the right direction.

13. Writers Helping Writers

Writers Helping Writers is more than just a blog filled with useful tips to enhance your writing. This website also includes book reviews on various writing topics and an impressive “One Stop for Writers” library which provides all the resources you’ll need through every step of the writing process.

14. Poets & Writers

Known as the nation’s largest nonprofit that serves creative writers, this digital version of Poet & Writers magazine is the jackpot of writing resources. Along with an extensive library of articles, you can also connect with other like-minded artists to share ideas and gain insight into your work.

15. Live Write Thrive

C.S. Lakin is an accomplished novelist and copyeditor who strives to provide high-quality support to aspiring writers through her helpful blog. She is also well-known for offering exceptional annotated critiques of manuscripts that can get you on the track to publication!

16. Men with Pens

Despite its name, this website is not just for the guys! A well-respected copywriting service (that’s run by a woman!), Men with Pens contains a blog with over 1,000 articles to help you hone your craft in the fields of content marketing, freelancing, and small business endeavors.

17. Positive Writer

Rejection is tough, and the Positive Writer exists to help writers overcome the inevitable self-doubt of the writing process. Filled with inspirational advice and motivational tips, this website will boost your confidence and get you back on track.

18. Christina Katz

Christina Katz created this website to offer support to writers struggling to build a solid, life-long career with their craft. She offers numerous services including video courses, phone consults, and an accountability group to help you change your writing hobby into a thriving business.

Helpful Tips on Writing (3)

19. Make a Living Writing

Freelance writing is a cutthroat business, and it is hard to break out of the bidding war of landing online gigs. Make a Living Writing is designed to help writers navigate the tricky world of freelancing with blogs, e-books, and writing courses that focus on helping you get the work that you deserve.

20. About Freelance Writing

This site lives up to its name and covers everything you need to know about freelance writing. In addition to helpful blogs and an online forum, you can also find links to job websites and free resources to help start your freelance career.

21. Freelance Writing

This website has been around for almost 20 years and continues to be a leading resource for freelance writers around the world. The site’s continuously updated database of job postings and online resources is a great starting point to landing your next freelance gig.

22. The Freelancer

We love this website’s well-designed online magazine of helpful freelance articles, but what really caught our attention was their other resources. The Freelancer is one of the few places we found that has an simple, extensive list of the rates paid out by various publications in both digital and print!

23. Funds for Writers

If you are looking to take your writing career to the next level, you definitely have to check out Funds for Writers. With an extensive database of articles, plus marketplace listings and grant information, this is a one-stop shop for breaking free of being underpaid for your work.

24. Writers in Charge

Bamidele Onibalusi is a young writer that gives a fresh perspective on earning money with freelancing writing. Writers in Charge focuses on how to earn money through guest blogging, as well as practical tools to enhance your writing skills.

25. Freelancers Union

You’re landing jobs and building confidence, but do you know how to run your writing as a business? Freelancers Union focuses on the business side of freelance writing by offering useful guides to managing taxes, insurance, and advocacy for at-home professionals.

26. Productive Writers

Too many freelancers are stuck getting paid pennies for quality work, and that is what John Soares hopes to change. Productive Writers covers topics such as marketing, productivity, and time-management in a no-nonsense way to give you practical advice for earning more by working less.

27. Comps and Calls

Sometimes the hardest part of freelance writing is landing your first big break. Cathy Bryant’s blog is here to help! On the first of every month, she posts an updated list of free writing contests and calls for submission – all of which can be entered online!

Helpful Tips on Writing (4)

28. Author.Pub

You know you have work worth sharing with world, but you have no idea where to start. This is where Author.Pub comes in! This website is geared solely towards helping writers understand the ins and outs of the publishing business and how to best market their work.

29. Self-Publishing Advice

Self-publishing is a trend that has grown tremendously amongst successful writers, and many self-published works go on to become best sellers! In this website you will find everything you need to know when taking the self-publishing route, from writing tips down to promotion.

30. Bent on Books

Have you ever wished that you could know exactly what literary agents are looking for before sending off your manuscript? With Bent on Books, now you can! Every month literary agent Jenny Bent publishes an updated list containing works that literary agents are currently looking to represent.

31. Helping Writers Become Authors

While this website contains valuable publishing resources, its main focus is on helping writers learn how to structure their stories to make them marketable. The extensive story structure database supplements the website’s impressive blog of how-to tips and tricks to writing the next bestseller.

32. Publetariat

The publishing world is constantly in flux, and trends can change in an instant. Publetariat is an excellent resource for staying up to date on the hottest trends in the writing business!

33. The Passive Voice

This website stood out to us for its unique perspective on the publishing world. Written by a former litigation attorney, The Passive Voice blog provides practical, legally sound advice to some of the trickiest areas of publishing.

34. National Novel Writing Month

If you are a novel writer, you’ve probably heard of NaNoWriMo! Occurring every November, this national contest challenges writers to complete a 50,000 word manuscript in just 30 days. If you find yourself stalling on completing your latest project, this is a great way to connect with others and get a major jump start towards publishing!

Helpful Tips on Writing (19)

35. Quicksprout – Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a big name in blogging, and for good reason! His website is home to an incredible amount of resources on building your blog and driving blog traffic. If you need more guidance, he also offers consulting services to get you on the track!

36. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn was just an average guy who happened to build a lucrative career out of blogging. Smart Passive Income is his impressive website that is packed with information on everything you need to get started, including blogging tips, podcasting, and how to navigate affiliate marketing.

37. Boost Blog Traffic

Jon Morrow is passionate about helping newcomers to the blogging world get their voice heard in the oversaturated marketplace. His website focuses on how to increase traffic to your personal blog with how-to guides and tips and tricks to creating compelling content.

38. McGuire Editorial

McGuire Editorial are experts in planning, writing and editing content for today’s inbound marketing strategies, drawing on a deep bench of experienced newspaper reporters and editors. They have particularly strong experience in B2B marketing for companies related to education technology, workforce development, talent management, online learning and higher ed. Their blog has great resources for writers and freelancers such as Website Content Manager Tools: Getting the Most Out of Style Guides.

39. Sark e-Media

The hardest part of starting a blog is often just taking the first step. Sarah and Kevin Arrows have you covered with a professional look at creating a successful blog and a 30-day blogging challenge to get you off on the right foot!

40. Problogger

Problogger is one of the pioneering blogging advice websites, and they remain one of the most valuable resources for blog writers. With a popular podcast and extensive article database, everything you need to know about blogging can be found within this website.

41. Daily Blog Tips

Persistence and determination is key to building a successful blogging business. Daily Blog Tips will keep you inspired throughout your journey with daily updates on the latest trends and most effective tips of the blogging world.

42. Beyond Your Blog

A successful blog needs a growing volume of readers, and Beyond Your Blog teaches you how to achieve this. With podcasts, tips and tricks articles, and inspirational success stories, this website will get you well on your way to growing your blog’s audience.

43. Be a Freelance Blogger

Want to be a blogger but don’t have an interest in building your own blog from scratch? Then this is the website for you! Instead of a focus on driving traffic to your existing blog, this website focuses on resources for freelance bloggers and teaches you how you can make money through guest blogging

Helpful Tips on Writing (5)

44. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is an innovative website that allows you to input text and have it virtually improved instantly. A great resource for improving your grammar and writing style, this website also has added features such as a blog and plagiarism checker. Perfect for when you’re book editing.

45. Grammarly

There are times when your word processor’s spell check feature just isn’t up to par, and that’s where Grammarly excels. By finding and correcting 10 times more errors than your word processor, you can send out your work with confidence. Find out more with our Grammarly review.

46. Daily Writing Tips

English is not an easy language, and no matter how long you have been a writer there is always more to learn. Expand your knowledge base with Daily Writing Tips that covers grammar, punctuation, and everything inbetween.

47. Grammarphobia

This site is great for uncovering the little grammar details that can make or break your dissertation editing services! In addition to a regularly updated blog, Grammarphobia also has links to bestselling grammar books and broadcasts to enhance the technical side of your writing.

48. Daily Grammar

Daily Grammar is an in-depth website that is perfect for refreshing your writing skills. With 488 lessons, e-books, and updated blog, everything you need to know about grammar can be found here.

49. Purdue Online Writing Lab

The award-winning Purdue Writing Lab by Purdue University, is a highly regarded resource for writers that want to improve their grammar and referencing skills. In addition to grammar lessons, those who write academic pieces will find a wealth of knowledge on APA and MLA style formatting.

50. English Grammar

Whether you are looking for basic grammar guidelines or need help writing a thesis, this website has something for every writer. Having a working understanding of how proper grammar affects your writing style is essential for any aspiring author! No substitute for proofreading services, however.

51. The Expert Editor

The Expert Editor, billed as Australia’s leading editing and proofreading service, have a blog choc full with interesting articles and grammar tips. The focus is largely on thesis proofreading and dissertation proofreading, but there’s plenty there for authors too.

52. Grammar Girl

This award winning site has a friendly, informal approach to achieving a better understanding of grammar. The blog is regularly updated with grammar guides and ideas for improved writing, and you can subscribe to the popular podcast for weekly tips!

If you want some easy self-editing tips, check out our 17 tips to edit your own book.

Helpful Tips on Writing (9)

53. 1st 10 Pages

If you are wondering whether you are on the right track with your latest project, this website can provide invaluable insight. You can anonymously post the 1st 10 pages of your writing (for free!) to the site in exchange for an honest critique from established literary voices.


Going strong for 16 years, is a free resource for connecting and sharing with likeminded writers. In addition to the forum, you can also create an online portfolio, enter contests, and have access to numerous writing tools to improve your craft.

55. Scribophile

Scribophile is a premier online community for writers of all skill levels to connect and share their work. Receive detailed critiques, enter free contests, and become a part of a supportive network of writing professionals all from the comfort of your home!

56. Wattpad

Wattpad is a major hub in the writing community for connecting authors and showcasing their work. Great for marketing and getting your name known, Wattpad allows you to post stories, receive critiques, and read in-line comments from your readers.

57. She Writes

She Writes is a female writer’s paradise. Not only can you connect with other female authors, you can also receive support through each stage of your manuscript development process. The best part? She Writes has their own publishing company that works exclusively with She Writes members!

58. Critique Circle

Feedback is essential to the editing process when polishing your latest work. Critique Circle caters to this need by allowing you to post your stories for free in exchange for providing critiques for other writers.

59. My Writer’s Circle

This online community of more than 45,000 members is an active, diverse forum to connect with fellow writers. Whether you need to focus on peer review or you want tips on publishing, this free resource is a great starting point for any writer.

Helpful Tips on Writing (11)

60. Stephen King

More than just a world-wide writing phenomena, King is well-known for being a leading authority on the art of writing. In addition to his own accomplishments, King’s website features videos and clips covering his top advice for all writers.

61. Dan Brown

The website for this New York Times bestselling author mirrors the feeling of mystery and intrigue contained in his popular books. With links to information on his novels and appearances, as well as a secret fortune teller under the “Secrets” tab, Brown is definitely an author worth following.

62. Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks has been writing heart wrenching novels for 20 years now, and his books are still being turned into popular feature films. His website offers a wealth of information on his latest projects, movie updates, and blogs from the author himself.

63. Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman, one of our time’s most highly regarded graphic novelists and comic book writers, has a website worth checking out. Included is a personal journal feed from his travels and homelife, as well as a message board for fans to connect with each other.

64. J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling went from a mom who was down on her luck to a worldwide sensation inspiring children everywhere with her Harry Potter series. Her website allows you to stay up to date on all of her latest projects, including the new movie based upon the world of Harry Potter!

65. Patrick Rothfuss

Rothfuss is a master of epic fantasy novels, and is highly regarded by his colleagues including George R.R. Martin, Ursula LeGuin, and Terry Brooks. In his well-designed website, you are able to get to know the everyday side of Rothfuss through his personal blog and access supplemental materials relating to his fantasy world.

66. Kami Garcia

Kami Garcia is a bestselling young adult fantasy writer known for her “Beautiful Creatures” and “The Legion” series. Follow her site for news on upcoming projects, appearances, and to get tips for writers through her blog.

67. Contrary Brin – David Brin

David Brin identifies himself as a scientist, futurist, and bestselling author. His website is a testament to his unique perspective on writing and contains numerous resources on his books as well as fascinating technical articles regarding his work.

68. Meg Cabot

Cabot is an all-star in the young adult fiction world, and her website is the perfect place for superfans to find out more about her work. Check out the “Meg’s Diary” section for entertaining blogs and appearance updates!

Helpful Tips on Writing (12)

69. Side Hustle Nation

Featured in publications such as The New York Times and Fortune, Side Hustle Nation is an excellent resource for those with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to make income on the side.

70. Aerogramme Studio

Aerogramme is the perfect site for anyone looking to turn their writing into a successful career. With tons of articles, as well as updated news on contests and open submissions, this site is a well-rounded source for all things writing.

71. All Indie Writers

Launched in 2013 by Jennifer Mattern, a successful freelance writer and blogger, All Indie Writers is a great resource for anyone looking to break into the writing field. The site brings together a community of writers with advice, tips, and forums for freelancers, publishers, and bloggers.

72. A Writer’s Path – Ryan Lanz

A Writer’s Path was the brainchild of author Ryan Lanz, who wanted to create a website that gave writers practical ideas to furthering their writing careers. His “Writer’s Toolbox” section is a valuable resource for improving your writing and building a business out of your talent.

73. The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn is an award-winning author who has created a successful business from her writing. The Creative Penn has over 1,000 articles and more than 100 hours of audio that is continually updates to provide support to aspiring writers.

74. LittleZotz Writing

The driving force behind LittleZotz Writing is the goal of teaching others to develop their brand and business through their writing. This website is unique in that it not only contains useful articles on the trade, it also offers both one-on-one and group mentoring services with the creator, Lauren Tharp.

75. Leaving Work Behind

When you’re ready to leave your 9 to 5 job and forge a new path in online writing, the Leaving Work Behind website offers valuable resources to begin your journey. The site contains an article library, a blogging mentorship program, and even an online application for the opportunity to work with founder Tom Ewer on WordPress blogs.

76. Untamed Writing

Ready to build your writing business but unsure of where to start? Karen Marston’s Untamed Writing site gives valuable insights and offers various writing courses on becoming a self-employed freelance entrepreneur.

77. Now Novel

Now Novel is an online writing community that will help guide you through your novel writing process step-by-step. Whether you want to share your work with other writers or enlist the help of a personal writing coach, this site is a great tool for motivation in finishing your current project.

Helpful Tips on Writing (13)

78. Guide to Literary Agents Blog by Chuck Sambuchino

This blog is found on the ever popular Writer’s Digest site. With a focus on finding a literary agent, Sambuchino provides an invaluable resource that highlights all of the different aspects of the publishing world.

79. Association of Authors’ Representatives

The AAR website is home to over 400 literary agents waiting to working with you on publishing your next novel or play. Check out their newsletter and blog for professional advice on getting your work out into the world!.

80. The Book Deal – Alan Rinzler

Alan Rinzler has been an influential force in editing for over 50 years, and his blog is invaluable for writers hoping to land an agent and get published. Rinzler’s inside knowledge of the publishing field provides a unique perspective on marketing, current publishing trends, and tips for connecting with the agent of your dreams.

81. Adventures in Agentland

When searching for a literary agent, it helps to understand what they are looking for before submitting your work. Natalie M. Lakosil, an agent at the Bradford Literary Agency, provides unique insight and perspective on her personal website.

82. Agent Query

Advertised as the largest searchable database for literary agents on the web, Agent Query is a great starting point for connecting with the world of publishing. It also has an impressive library of resources and active online networking community.

83. Pub Rants

Pub Rants is a great site if you want to get a realistic point of view from the minds of literary agents. Their in-depth blog provides a starting point to getting a handle on the process of queries and the path to publication.

84. Query Tracker

Waiting for a response to your manuscript query can be frustrating for writers anxious to get published. Query Tracker helps with this problem by allowing you to track your queries and search its database of over 1,300 literary agents and their response time statistics.

85. Rachelle Gardner

The blog of literary agent Rachelle Gardner does more than give great publishing advice. Here you will also find information on submissions and coaching services to help you see your book in print.

86. Literary Rambles

If you love writing children’s books, Literary Rambles is an excellent resource for getting an inside look at agents that specialize in that genre. Through interviews with agents and children’s book authors, you will learn valuable tools to help you get your work published.

Helpful Tips on Writing (14)

87. International Thriller Writers

This association uses the knowledge of best-selling thriller authors to help you further your writing career. Anyone trying to break into the thriller genre will find valuable information on this website regarding promotion, mentoring, and ways to enhance their writing.

88. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)

Science fiction writers have a unique literary perspective, and the SFWA caters to this. With the expertise of best-selling authors in their expansive blog you can discover resources and guidance to further your writing career.

89. Poetry Society of America

For poets looking to connect with others in their genre, the Poetry Society of America is the answer. Their website provide news and inspiration that will guide you towards becoming a poetry professional.

90. Association of Writers and Writing Programs

Whether you are looking to network with other authors or searching for a comprehensive list of opportunities, the AWP website is the place to start. They are experts in the field of providing news and advocacy information for both writers and writing teachers.

91. Historical Novel Society

Historical Novel Society has something for everyone interested in the historical genre of writing. With a focus on promoting historical writing, the information in this site will help push you towards becoming a published author in the field.

92. Horror Writers Association

Horror novels have a strong following, and this is the place to connect with other writers that share your passion! Both writers and readers of horror can use this website to stay on top of the latest news, awards, and novel releases from best-selling authors in this genre.

93. International Writing Centers Association

The IWCA is an invaluable resource for anyone in a writing-based career. This website contains extensive resources on conferences, grants, and networking with other professionals in the writing field.

94. Romance Writers of America

Romance novels carve out a huge niche in the writing world, and Romance Writers of America is the place to be for anyone aspiring to write in this genre. Whether you are looking to further your education or need info on awards, membership in this organization is a great resource.

95. Authors Guild

If you write, then you need to consider membership in the Author’s Guild. Not only will you have the ability to network with other professional writers, but you can obtain information on legal services and building your brand through the creation of a personal website.

Helpful Tips on Writing (16)

96. Writer Beware Blog

This blog is an excellent resource with the mission of shining a light onto literary scams, schemes, and pitfalls. Protecting yourself and your writing career is essential, and this website will help you to do just that.

97. Predators & Editors

Predators and Editors is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of helping writers looking to publish their work. Filled with valuable information from authors who have been there, this site will help you avoid being caught in a publishing scam.

98. SFWA – Beware of Fake Awards

It’s easy to be caught up in the recognition of receiving awards for your writing, but how do you know if the award is legitimate? This website answers this for you by breaking down which awards will further your career and which ones are only out to get your money.

99. Publishing Law Centre

A professional law website created by The Law Office of Lloyd L. Rich, this site provides essential information on protecting your written work. Publishing can be a tricky business, and the advice contained here will help you avoid the pitfalls of the industry.

100. The Society of Authors

This organization currently represents over 9,000 authors across all writing genres and is an excellent tool to have in your writing arsenal. Visit this site to find out about your legal rights, get advice, and stay up to date with the latest news in the writing world.

101. Click & Copyright

Click & Copyright provides a great service to protect your written work. With a library of resource guides to help you understand copyrighting laws, this site goes above and beyond to help authors with the legal aspects of publishing.

102. The Alliance of Independent Authors

Looking to self-publish your latest novel? Then you need to check out this site! Dedicated to helping independent authors navigate the world of self-publishing, this website contains extensive resources and advice.

103. The National Writers Union

More than just another writing organization, The National Writers Union is the only union that is specifically geared towards freelance writers. No matter what genre or medium you work in, membership here will give you the support and protection you need to further your writing career.

Helpful Tips on Writing (17)

104. Upwork

Upwork (formerly known as oDesk), is a popular website for finding freelance gigs. Here you can search and bid on constantly updated job listings, connect with clients, and have payment protection for all of your writing projects.

105. Freelancer

A well-respected freelance job site, Freelancer lets you search and apply for jobs based on your skills and interests. Whether you are looking for a long term project or need to gain valuable experience in the writing field, Freelancer is worth checking out.

106. Problogger Job Board

Tired of writing for content mills, and being paid poorly for it? Not all jobs posted on Problogger Job Board will lead to riches, but on average they pay reasonably well. The reason is that it’s often legitimate companies posting jobs who appreciate the skill set of an experience blogger.

107. Craigslist

Craigslist may get a bad rep, but it can also be a hidden gem of freelance writing jobs! Find local work by checking out the ad postings under the writing gigs section or search job classifieds to connect with professional clients.

108. Constant-Content

This freelance marketplace is unique because it allows writers to earn money in multiple ways. Here you can upload your completed work for clients to purchase or apply for new jobs to create custom content for clients.

109. is a well-known professional marketplace for a huge variety of careers, and freelance writing is no exception! Search by region to look for online jobs for professional companies looking to hire skilled writers to enhance their business.

110. Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs provides writers with a wealth of valuable information. Not only can you peruse job listings, you can also dive into their extensive collection of resources to help you improve your work and gain more clients.

111. Writer Gazette

This online writing marketplace contains a database of postings that will help you earn money with your writing. Here you can search freelance job posts, contests, and calls for submission to find creative ways to build your writing business.

112. Online Writing Jobs

It can be tough breaking into the freelance writing market when you’re only offered pennies for your hard work. This site changes this dynamic by listing higher paying writing gigs that allow you to work in areas tailored to your specific talents and interests.

Helpful Tips on Writing (18)

113. Story Bird

Story Bird is a fascinating website that allows you to create and publish collaborative work with artists around the world. Using interactive tools and illustrations, your story comes to life in front of your eyes!

114. First 50 Words

First 50 words is a fun blog that is sure to get your creativity flowing. The website posts a writing prompt, and you get to create your own unique 50 word story to post in the comments while reading the work of other aspiring writers.

115. Language is a Virus

Language is a Virus is the ultimate website to enhance your creativity and have some fun with your writing! Explore their writing exercises to improve your work, or have some fun with a variety of writing prompts and tools to jumpstart your next project.

116. Brainy Quote

A good quote can motivate and inspire any writer, and this website has an extensive database to get lost in. Browse quotes on any topic and see where your creativity will take you!

117. BookMooch

The best writers are the ultimate bookworms, and BookMooch is the perfect tool for your literary obsession. Now you can free up space in your home by sharing and reading books with others, and ultimately expanding your writing skills!

118. Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

The opposite of most writing contests, the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction contest is a humorous escape to test your writing skills by crafting a single sentence. How do you win? By writing the worst sentence to the worst book you can imagine!

119. Easy Street Prompts

Trapped in writer’s block? Check out this fun, well-designed website! Here you can get out of the box inspiration for your next story with unique photo, video, and random word writing prompts.

120. Free Rice

Free Rice has a unique platform that allows writers to expand their vocabulary and help end world hunger! For every question you answer right, ten grains of rice are donated through the World Hunger Programme.

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