How to Make Money as a Writer in 2018 (Infographic)

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Brendan Brown

Being a writer has its perks. You write about things you love, your work is published for the world to read and, if you really want to, you can write in your pajamas and no one will know. You feel on top of the world.

However, it’s also a job that demands nerves of steel, a stomach for rejection and a pillow nearby at all times ready to scream into, particularly when it comes to making money.

As writers we often wear the ‘starving artist’ badge. We assume that earning a decent living is a test we’re supposed to pass, like an initiation in a frat house at university. But instead of chugging back alcohol, we have to stomach low earnings and a sense of disappointment.

But does it really have to be that way? Do we really have to cope with earning little to no money for our writing when there seems to be a select few who earn a lot?

The short answer is no, we don’t. So unpin that badge of yours and pay attention.

Making Money as a Writer in 2018

There are many ways to make a living as a writer today.

From blogging and copywriting to dissertation editing and freelancing – and even writing books, we are presented with opportunities on a daily basis. It can seem overwhelming at first and you may be unsure which path is right for you, but really that’s the beauty of it. You have the ability to try out all the options and find the ones that work for you.

Our infographic below aims to take away your sense of being overwhelmed.

Instead of wondering how you could possibly weigh up all the possibilities, it provides you with a detailed summary of your options. You can decide on the ones you want to pursue and, before you know it, you’ll be getting rid of that badge once and for all.

So if you’re ready to be the next Pete Cashmore or Gina Trapani, read on.

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