The Fascinating Work Habits of 18 Famous Writers (Infographic)

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It’s not uncommon for even the greatest of writers to stare at the blank page in search of how to craft the idea they have in their heads, or even to craft any idea! Every writer, or artist of any sort, spends time trying to identify how to spur their muse.

Inspiration for any type or level of writer can be hard to come by, but some have come up with strategies to spark ideas. Many of the world’s most brilliant and prolific writers engaged in fairly eccentric practices while bringing their incomparable poetry and prose to the page. Some of their habits were born of practicality, others of superstition.

Some of the greatest writers of all time came up with rituals, routines, activities, or superstitions that would help them to access their inspiration. Because of these quirky practices, they nurtured their creativity and ended up writing some of the most well-known words of all time. The writers we profile below had very specific ideas about what writing utensils they could use, what hours of the day they would write, when they would proofread their writing, what they would wear while writing, and even what they wanted their writing spaces to smell like.

Take a look at the “writing hacks” these masters came up with. It is clear that nothing they did was academic, it all just depended on their own unique style and stream of creativity. You may even find some of these practices can help you when you are paralyzed with writers block or just can’t find the inspiration for your next paragraph.

As we can see, great writing comes from the freedom to create without judgment, and if that means typing away in your underwear or scribbling your notes of genius in red crayon, we’re all for it.

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