The Silva Ultramind System Review (2023): Is It Worth It?

Avatar by Isabel Cabrera | February 8, 2023, 7:54 am

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“Altered states to bend reality”

The promo video for Mindvalley’s Silva Ultramind System conjured up images of the Matrix.

I pictured Neo choosing between the red and the blue pill and dodging bullets as he controlled physical objects with his mind.

Luckily it wasn’t quite as out there as that.

Having said that, this program combines established mind techniques like meditation with more unconventional ones such as ESP (extrasensory perception).

This is one of the reasons why it’s not going to be for everyone.

Read my honest The Silva Ultramind System review to find out everything you need to know.

What is The Silva Ultramind System?

The Silva Ultramind System is a 4-week course brought to you by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of the online learning platform Mindvalley.

Over 28 lessons, it presents to you various videos, audio files, and other resources designed to help you achieve “altered states of consciousness”.

In practical terms, these tools help you to improve your focus, concentration, memory, creativity, intuition, and even increase your psychic abilities (which I’ll go into more later).

It does this largely using meditation and visualization techniques. But it introduces you to what it calls the four states of consciousness:

Beta level, alpha level, theta level, and delta level.

Apparently tapping into these different levels is the key to empowering your mind, unlocking new solutions, overcoming challenges, and manifesting success. Or so the theory goes.

Why I decided to do the Silva Ultramind System

I was intrigued when I first heard about the Silva Ultramind System (that’s me above) because it seemed to combine some pretty well-known concepts in psychology and neuroscience with some fairly new ones.

And to be fully transparent, by “fairly new” I’m talking about ideas that are still widely viewed as pseudoscience to many (I’m referring specifically to the ESP aspects).

But here’s the thing:

Whilst I don’t just accept everything I’m told, at the same time, I am open. After all, what is considered to be “established science” changes all the time.

At the end of the day, I like learning new things.

And the fact that some of the ideas being presented in The Silva Ultramind System sounded pretty quirky was actually what appealed to me most.

I’m game for discovering alternative methods that aren’t particularly mainstream. I knew that I could keep an open mind.

I was curious to see if it could really make any difference to my life. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Why I’m writing this review

I figured that maybe there are other people out there who are just like me:

Intrigued by the ideas within The Silva Ultramind System, but still not quite sure what to make of them.

I’d describe myself as sitting somewhere on the fence between science and new age.

I like to dip in and out of both, and I find that a holistic approach to incorporating both into my life works well for me.

I also often find that both science and new age say the same things, but just use different types of language to explain them.

And I suspect I’m not alone.

So I wanted to create this review to help other people figure out whether The Silva Ultramind System could be a good fit for them, based on my own personal experiences doing it.

What is Mindvalley?

Just in case Mindvalley is totally new to you, I’ll very briefly explain who they are.

Mindvalley is an online learning platform founded by Vishen Lakhiani, who teaches this program.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Mindvalley, and I’ve taken a lot of their programs already because I have the annual membership (which I’ll talk more about later).

Rather than skills-based learning, it’s more ‘life learning’.

There are 50+ programs on everything from entrepreneurship to spirituality, relationships, and life coaching (through Lifebook).

I’d say that like me, Mindvalley also sort of sits on the fence between science and new age, incorporating both teachings into their programs.

How much does The Silva Ultramind System cost?

There are two choices.

Mindvalley lets you buy programs individually on the site or you can buy the annual membership, which gives you unlimited access to the vast majority of their programs.

In most cases, it doesn’t make much sense to buy just one course.

Because, as with The Silva Ultramind System, the individual price costs about the same as getting the membership.

To buy The Silva Ultramind System and get lifetime access costs $499

But to buy a yearly membership, with access to 50+ Mindvalley programs for an entire year, also costs $499.

I guess in a few circumstances you might opt to buy just one program.

For a start, you’ll get lifetime access, so you can do it over and over again for as many years as you want. And maybe you only want to take one of their programs.

But to most people, the Mindvalley Membership is much better value.

The good news is that when you buy either the individual program or the membership, there is a 15-day refund offered if you change your mind.

Get the best price for the Mindvalley Membership here.

Who teaches The Silva Ultramind System?

The Silva Ultramind System is taught by Vishen Lakhiani but it’s not based on his method, it’s based on one by Jose Silva — hence the name of the program.

Jose Silva died decades ago but his formula has been around since the 1960s and is apparently followed by millions of people all around the world.

Although I’ll admit I had never heard of it before taking this course.

Vishen Lakhiani created this course as he attributes his success to following the method himself many years ago.

As well as being the creator of the Mindvalley platform, he’s a successful entrepreneur with a tech background in Silicon Valley. He’s also a best-selling author and motivational speaker. So it’s fair to say he’s done pretty well for himself.

He clearly knows the Silva Method inside out and comes across as a knowledgeable and passionate teacher during the program.

What to expect doing The Silva Ultramind System

Before I talk about my results from taking The Silva Ultramind System, I thought it might be a good idea to delve deeper into how the program is structured and what you might expect from a typical lesson.

As I mentioned, it’s a:

  • 4-week program
  • With around 12 hours of lessons
  • Lessons are spread out over 28 days
  • Each lesson lasts up to around 30 minutes

Mindvalley Programs tend to follow a “micro-learning” formula. Which means short daily lessons that are easier to digest.

This is good as you don’t get overwhelmed with info and it’s easy to fit into even a busy schedule.

There are a few intro videos (between 5-15 mins long) to work your way through before week 1 kicks off.

These give you a feel of what to expect and introduce the concept of altered brain waves and states.

The other 4 weeks cover:

Week 1: The Mental Screen, Projection of Consciousness & Intuition

Week 2: Theta Brainwaves and Waking Psychic Ability

Week 3: Manifesting & Healing

Week 4: Delta Waves, Higher Guidance & the Mental Video Technique

The Silva Ultramind System: A typical lesson

Once you get into the flow of The Silva Ultramind System, it’s easy to follow.

Each lesson tends to have the same structure:

— First, you watch the short training video which explains the technique.

— Then you complete the exercises which are given to you underneath.

Usually, that’s listening to audio tracks, sometimes it’s writing in your journal about any observations and reflecting on examples from your life.

I mentioned earlier in the review that the closest example of the Silva method technique would be to liken it to meditation combined with visualization.

Rather than meditating in silence, you listen to a guided track that tries to tap into different states in the brain.

There are also elements of self-belief, positive affirmations, intuition, and energy healing woven into the lessons too.

If these sorts of concepts are totally new to you, it’s worth reading up on them first.

Projecting to pets: ESP in The Silva Ultramind System

Projecting to pets is one of the lesson names in week 3.

I’ve chosen this lesson as it’s a good chance to talk more about the ESP (extrasensory perception) aspects of The Silva Ultramind System.

Also, I like the sound of being a bit of a Dr. Dolittle. Although sadly, that’s not quite what it teaches.

In this lesson, we were asked to visualize a pet or an animal we know, then following the technique laid out, picture it in radiant health.

The ultimate aim is to be able to apply your consciousness to healing life forms.

Extrasensory perception is an important part of The Silva Ultramind System.

In the science world ESP is not widely accepted. Although I was quite surprised to hear that plenty of scientists are open to the idea.

In fact, according to the Silva Ultramind System, as many as 45% of scientists believe that some sort of ESP is likely possible. That sounds quite high to me.

I did a bit of Googling around it, and found there are some research studies floating about that both seem to dismiss and support the possibility of ESP. So I guess the verdict is still out.

It’s also important to point out that the sort of ESP covered by the course certainly isn’t the crystal ball psychics that might first spring to mind.

It’s the idea that we can pass energy and get wisdom from other sources than our own body and mind.

I don’t think you need to be 100% convinced that psychic abilities exist. But if you can’t keep an open mind to the idea, you won’t get much out of this program.

If you have any doubts, I would suggest doing your own research.

What I will say is that when you’re doing the program, nothing is really presented in a “mystical” way. It felt more like going to a hypnosis session.

My results from The Silva Ultramind System

I found pretty much all elements of The Silva Ultramind System interesting to explore.

So from a learning stance, I got a lot out of it as I specifically wanted to dive into something that was new to me.

In terms of more practical results from taking the course, after just three weeks of using the system, I noticed my moods had improved significantly.

I felt calmer, happier, and less stressed. I’d put this down to the meditation audio tracks.

I’ve got a lot more energy. My sleep has been better too.

I’m finding it easier to deal with stressors at work and home. And I feel more confident in myself. That could be because of the positive affirmation statements that you feed your mind with.

I’m certainly a big believer that what you tell yourself (either positive or negative) becomes the truth.

A lot of the promo talks about things that sound quite dramatic, like “altered states to shift your reality”.

But my results were more grounded and humble, which certainly wasn’t a bad thing.

The discipline of a daily practice of meditation made my mind stiller and calmer.

The visualization gave me confidence and enthusiasm to shape my life more how I’d like it.

Both these aspects of the program are really established tools in the self-help world.

Meditation has a host of scientifically backed benefits and really does change your brain. Whilst visualization has been shown to increase chances of success.

Who is The Silva Ultramind System a good fit for?

I think that The Silva Ultramind System will interest a lot of people. But those people are going to fall into one of two categories:

1) People who already believe in alternative concepts such as ESP and healing and want to dive deeper into it, and learn techniques to do it themselves.

2) People who aren’t convinced either way but are curious to learn more about these alternative techniques.

I’d say these people are probably like me. They believe in science, but they also have a spiritual side.

If you believe that there are many things in this life that we are yet to discover, and can keep an open mind about things, you’ll find it fascinating.

Despite the mystical-sounding overtone, a lot of the program felt very practical to me. And the results I came away with also were very practical.

Who won’t like The Silva Ultramind System?

I’d say the people who The Silva Ultramind System will be a hard no for are the people who fall into the 3rd category.

I can’t imagine you’d be reading this review if you do fall into this category, or you probably wouldn’t have made it this far into it anyway.

But if you are a huge sceptic to the extent you roll your eyes at even the suggestion that we may be able to communicate with other senses, then this isn’t the program for you.

Although you will hear scientific language throughout the program, you’ll hear a lot of things about gut feelings (known as “clairsentience” in the course), higher power, and synchronicity.

If these admittedly new age notions are totally unbelievable to you — don’t sign up.

The Silva Ultramind System Pro’s and Con’s

The Pros

  • The program is included in the Mindvalley Membership, so you can access it for $499 along with over 50 other courses. That’s probably why I decided to take a gamble and give it a try, as I already had the membership so there was nothing to lose.
  • Even if you don’t already have the membership, you can buy this program and still get a15 day refund if you realize it’s not your thing.
  • It’s simple to follow, the exercises are fun, and it is easy to fit into your day.
  • Vishen Lakhiani is a charismatic and clearly knowledgeable teacher
  • Because of all the supporting audio tracks and guided visualizations/meditations, it felt like you got a lot of practical material with the program to use.

The Cons

  • Some of the terminology used took a while for me to get my head around. For example, all the stuff on “theta waves” and “alpha waves” etc. Although I think that is just learning — you always have to concentrate a bit. But mostly it was straightforward.
  • Hands down the biggest con is that some of what you learn isn’t scientifically recognized fact. I think I’ve covered this enough already though. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to figure out what you believe.

Is The Silva Ultramind System worth it?

When I signed up for the program, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know how I would react to it.

I’m glad I gave it a shot because I found it interesting and useful.

It definitely helped me improve my intuition and increase my awareness of my body.

I learned a few things about myself that I hadn’t known before, and I feel more confident in my own abilities now.

I did notice some changes in my energy levels after doing the exercises, but I’m not sure if they’re permanent. I guess time will tell.

I’d recommend giving it a go if you already have an interest in the topics it covers. Or simply if you want to experience something different, and can keep an open mind.

I think a lot of people are going to find The Silva Ultramind System fascinating.

Whilst it’s going to depend on your own personal viewpoint, for me, this program was worth it.

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