9 signs you’re in a relationship with a genuinely good person

Tina Fey by Tina Fey | May 13, 2024, 10:06 pm

Relationships can be tricky – all the emotions, the “firsts”, mixed with our own dreams and expectations can make it hard to see whether the person we’ve chosen is genuinely good.

But, there’s a way to make things clearer.

There are certain signs that indicate you’re in the company of someone truly worthwhile.

For that, we need to look at whether their actions and words align, not just some of the time, but all the time.

So, let’s dive into these signs, shall we?

Here are nine indicators that you’re in a relationship with an authentically good person.

1) Consistent kindness

Kindness is a virtue that’s easy to disregard until you’re on the receiving end of it.

And let’s face it, kindness has become a sort of rarity in today’s fast-paced world.

But when you’re in a relationship with a genuinely good person, you’ll notice that they’re ALWAYS kind.

This doesn’t just apply to how they treat you, but also how they treat others.

From waitstaff to their closest friends, a genuinely good person treats everyone they interact with with respect and compassion.

And the key word here is ‘consistent’.

Anyone can put on an act of kindness for a day or two. But a genuinely good person?

They’re kind through and through, whether it’s a good day or a bad one.

If your partner displays this trait, it’s a promising sign that you’re with someone who’s authentically good.

2) They make you feel loved, not just told

A genuinely good person knows that love isn’t just about saying the words – it’s about showing it in actions.

Actions, after all, speak louder than words.

I remember in my own relationship, during a particularly stressful time at work, my partner could sense my unease.

Instead of just telling me they loved me and hoping that would soothe my stress, they took action.

They made sure to ease my burden by taking care of little things at home, leaving me sweet notes, and even surprising me with my favorite meal.

Their actions made me feel loved and cared for far more than words ever could.

It wasn’t about grand gestures but the thoughtful little things that showed they understood and cared about what I was going through.

Sound like your partner? If so, you’re onto a winner!

3) They know how to apologize

Apologizing isn’t just about saying “I’m sorry”. That’s too easy.

A true apology is about acknowledging the mistake, taking responsibility, and making an effort to fix the issue.

If your partner can apologize sincerely and take steps to rectify their mistakes, it’s a strong sign that they’re a genuinely good person.

They value your feelings and the relationship more than their ego – a trait that’s not just rare, but also commendable.

4) They respect your boundaries

One of the most fundamental aspects of respect in any relationship is acknowledging and respecting each other’s boundaries.

A genuinely good person understands that just because you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you lose your individuality.

Put it this way:

They won’t try to invade your personal space or make you feel guilty for wanting some time alone.

If your partner respects your boundaries and understands that time apart can be just as important as time together, you’re likely with a genuinely good person.

They know that a strong relationship is about two individuals growing together, not losing themselves in each other.

5) They support your passions

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean giving up on your individual dreams and passions.

On the contrary, a relationship should be a safe haven where both partners can pursue their interests.

A genuinely good person won’t just tolerate your passions, they’ll actively support them.

Whether it’s your love for painting, your interest in rock climbing, or your dream to start your own business, they’ll be there cheering you on.

6) They’re there in times of crisis

Life is unpredictable.

It’s a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows, and sometimes, the downs can be really tough.

But you know what?

Having someone by your side through these challenging times can make all the difference.

A genuinely good person doesn’t just stick around during the good times.

They’re there to hold your hand through the rough patches, too.

They provide comfort, understanding, and a shoulder to lean on when things get tough.

And isn’t that what partnership and relationships is all about?

7) They appreciate you for who you are

In a world where we’re often pressured to conform to certain standards, being appreciated for our true selves is a breath of fresh air.

I remember when I first opened up about my insecurities to my partner, expecting judgment or dismissal.

Instead, they listened patiently, empathized with me, and reassured me that they loved me, flaws and all.

This experience taught me that a genuinely good person doesn’t want to change you.

They appreciate you for who you are – quirks, flaws, and all.

If your partner appreciates your individuality and loves you for who you are, not who they want you to be, it’s a strong sign of their authentic goodness.

8) They listen and communicate

Now, it’s no surprise that communication is the lifeline of any relationship.

And a big part of communication is listening – not just hearing, but truly understanding your partner’s thoughts and feelings.

A genuinely good person values your opinion and listens attentively when you speak.

They don’t just wait for their turn to talk, they truly engage with what you’re saying.

Furthermore, they communicate their own thoughts and feelings openly and honestly, creating an environment of trust and transparency.

If your partner is a good listener, values your opinions, and communicates openly, consider yourself fortunate. You’ve bagged yourself a good one!

9) They make you want to be a better person

At the end of the day, the most telling sign that you’re in a relationship with a genuinely good person is how they make you feel about yourself.

A genuinely good person inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

Their kindness, respect, and authenticity serve as a mirror, reflecting back at you the person you want to become.

If your partner inspires you to grow, to improve, and to strive for goodness just by being themselves, that’s the ultimate sign you’re with a genuinely good person.

Final thoughts:

Being with a genuinely good person can be a transformative experience. It’s not just about finding someone who treats you well, but someone who adds value to your life and inspires you to grow.

Whether it’s their consistent kindness, their respectful boundaries, or the way they make you strive to be better, these signs are indicative of their authentic goodness.

At the end of the day, it’s essential to remember that love isn’t just about finding the perfect person but recognizing and appreciating their inherent goodness.

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