8 signs an emotionally unavailable man has deep feelings for you

Lucas Graham by Lucas Graham | March 28, 2024, 5:04 pm

It’s one of the most challenging situations you can find yourself in:

You’re head over heels for a man, but he seems to be emotionally unavailable.

You’ve tried to get him to open up, you’ve put in your utmost effort to understand his mysterious ways but it’s like trying to crack a code.

Sometimes it’s not even that he’s cold or distant.

You just have this creeping suspicion that despite his tough exterior, he has deep feelings for you.

But your instincts, friends or even his actions might suggest otherwise.

Here’s how to decipher the 8 signs that an emotionally unavailable man has deep feelings for you, no matter how well he might hide them.

1) He’s protective of you

Look, he might not wear his heart on his sleeve.

But one thing that’s certain is that he will be protective of you.

This might seem paradoxical, given his inability to express his feelings openly.

Yet, when it comes to your safety and well-being, he’s suddenly all in.

If he’s consistently stepping up to shield you from harm or unnecessarily stressful situations, it could be a clear sign that he harbors deep feelings for you.

This protective nature may not take the form of grand, heroic gestures.

It might be subtle – checking if you got home safely or fussing over you when you’re unwell.

While it might seem frustratingly indirect, remember that it’s his way of expressing his feelings.

And if he’s doing it consistently, then there’s a good chance those feelings are deep and genuine.

2) He opens up to you in little ways

I’ve been there, where you feel like you’re trying to break through a wall with a toothpick.

He’s not expressive, he’s not overtly romantic, and he has this ironclad emotional armor.

But then, there are those moments.

Moments when he lets his guard down just a bit and shares something personal.

It could be about his childhood, his fears, or even his dreams.

These are not the kind of things he tells everyone.

Trust me, these little confessions mean a lot more coming from an emotionally reserved man.

It’s like a small ray of light peeking through a closed curtain.

It’s his way of letting you in, of showing you that you matter to him.

He may not say “I love you”, but these small revelations are his version of those three words.

3) He makes time for you

I’ll never forget the time I realized this about him.

He was the busiest man I knew – always running from one meeting to another, one project to another.

There was barely a moment for him to catch his breath, let alone nurture a relationship.

But then I noticed something – he would always make time for me.

It wasn’t grand gestures or planned out dates, but stolen moments in between his hectic schedule.

A quick lunch here, a shared cab ride there, a five-minute phone call while he was waiting for his next meeting.

From the outside, it might not have looked like much.

But understanding his lifestyle and the effort he was putting in, I knew it meant something.

When he goes out of his way to carve out time for you in his life, trust me, it’s because he has deep feelings for you.

4) His actions speak louder than words

He might not say a lot, but his actions will tell you everything you need to know.

If he’s always there when you need him, if he takes care of you when you’re sick, if he remembers the little things about you – these are all signs that he deeply cares.

His actions are his way of communicating his affection.

So even if he’s not saying “I love you”, his actions are shouting it out loud.

5) He includes you in his future

This is the sign that truly puts everything in perspective.

One day, he casually mentions his plans for the future and you find yourself in them.

It could be a trip he wants to take next year, or a house he’s thinking of buying.

Whatever it is, the fact that he sees you in his future is a big deal.

Including someone in future plans is not a light matter, especially for a man who holds his cards close to his chest.

It means he’s considering a long-term commitment and that’s not something he would do lightly.

So if you find yourself being part of his future, even in small ways, take it as a sign that his feelings for you run deep.

6) He shows vulnerability around you

Vulnerability and emotional unavailability don’t typically go hand in hand.

But here’s the thing, if he’s showing his vulnerable side around you, that’s a huge deal.

Allowing someone to see the chinks in his armor means he trusts you.

It might be a moment of self-doubt, a fear he confides in you, or even shedding tears in front of you.

These are not things that an emotionally unavailable man does lightly.

So if he’s showing vulnerability around you, take it as a sign he has deep feelings for you.

He trusts you enough to let you see him at his most vulnerable, and that means something.

7) He goes out of his comfort zone for you

He has his comfort zone tightly defined and rarely steps outside it.

But when he does, and especially if it’s for you, that’s a sign you should not ignore.

It could be something as simple as watching a romantic movie with you because he knows you love them, even though he’s more of an action-thriller guy.

Or perhaps he accompanies you to social events that he’d usually avoid.

These are not just random acts.

They’re signs that he’s willing to go out of his comfort zone because your happiness matters to him.

And that, in my book, is one of the strongest signs that an emotionally unavailable man has deep feelings for you.

8) He’s consistently present

In a world where everyone is always on the go, being consistently present is the most meaningful sign of all.

He might not voice his feelings or make grand gestures, but if he’s always there for you, that speaks volumes.

Whether it’s a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, or simply his company, his consistent presence is a testament to his deep feelings for you.

Emotionally unavailable men have a tendency to disappear when things get tough, but if he sticks around through thick and thin, it’s because he has deep feelings for you.

This consistency is the most powerful sign of all.

It’s not flashy or dramatic, but it’s the most authentic and genuine expression of deep feelings he can show.

The final thought

Reading through this, you might identify some signs that the emotionally unavailable man in your life does indeed have deep feelings for you.

Or you may have realized that the signs are missing, and it’s time to reconsider your expectations.

Either way, the important thing is to trust your intuition.

Your feelings and experiences are valid and should guide your decisions.

Remember, it’s not about changing him or holding onto hope that one day he might express his feelings like others do.

It’s about understanding his unique ways of expressing his deep feelings and recognizing them.

Decoding an emotionally unavailable man is not an easy task.

It requires patience, empathy, and a lot of self-reflection.

But at the end of the day, what truly matters is your happiness and emotional well-being.

If being with him brings more joy than pain, if his actions show you that he cares, then perhaps his emotional unavailability is just another layer of his personality that you’ve learned to understand.

However, if the relationship leaves you feeling unfulfilled or constantly guessing his feelings, it might be time to reassess.

As the famous quote by Maya Angelou goes, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

This journey of understanding isn’t easy but it’s worth it.

Because in the end, all relationships require work. It’s about finding someone whose quirks and complexities are worth fighting for.