8 signs a man’s love for you is genuine, and not all about looks

Avatar by Justin Brown | April 22, 2024, 7:46 am

Navigating the world of love and relationships can be a challenging journey, with the waters often muddied by superficiality and insincerity.

It’s tempting to fall for the flashy exterior, but true love goes beyond mere outward appearances.

Genuine love is about seeing, appreciating, and connecting with the essence of who you are.

It’s about recognizing your uniqueness, your qualities, and your potential.

It’s about being seen for who you truly are, not just what you look like.

So how do you discern if a man’s love for you is genuine, grounded in depth and authenticity rather than just predicated on looks?

Here are 8 signs to watch out for.

1) He values your thoughts and opinions

True love is not merely a feeling, but a profound respect for another person’s mind and soul.

When a man genuinely loves you, he is interested in your thoughts, your ideas, and your perspective.

He doesn’t just listen; he actively seeks out your opinion and values what you have to say.

This goes beyond mere politeness or flattery.

It’s about recognizing and appreciating your unique insight and wisdom.

It’s about seeing you as a complete individual, not just a pretty face.

Keep in mind, though, that this should be a two-way street. Genuine love means valuing each other’s perspectives equally.

If he respects your thoughts and opinions, make sure you afford him the same courtesy.

True love thrives on mutual respect and understanding.

2) He supports your personal growth

A man’s love for you is genuine when he supports your personal journey of growth and self-discovery.

He encourages you to pursue your passions, to explore your interests, and to become the best version of yourself. He sees your potential, and he wants you to see it too.

I can personally attest to this.

In my own relationships, I have found that when love is genuine, my partner has not only been supportive but actively encouraged my personal growth and exploration.

They’ve celebrated my successes and stood by me through my failures, always pushing me to learn and grow.

As Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston who has spent her career studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy said, “We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known.”

This is the kind of love we all deserve – a love that supports and encourages our most authentic selves.

3) He embraces your authenticity

In a world obsessed with appearances, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to be someone we’re not.

But a man who truly loves you will embrace your authenticity.

He will love you not for who he wants you to be, but for who you truly are, quirks and all.

He will never ask you to change your essence or compromise your authenticity.

Instead, he will encourage and celebrate your uniqueness.

He understands that love isn’t about molding someone into an ideal, but about appreciating them as they are.

For a deeper dive into the importance of authenticity in relationships and in life, I invite you to watch my video on why it’s important to give up on the idea of constantly being a “good person.”

In it, I explore how letting go of this ideal fosters a more authentic, fulfilling life.

YouTube video

In conclusion, remember that love doesn’t require perfection. It asks for authenticity.

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4) He is committed to mutual growth

Genuine love is an active commitment to grow together.

It’s not about finding someone who completes you, but about finding someone who is committed to grow with you.

A man who truly loves you will understand that we are all works in progress, constantly evolving and growing.

He won’t expect you to remain the same person throughout your relationship.

Instead, he will expect changes, growth, and evolution and he will be ready to grow with you.

He will understand that relationships aren’t static; they evolve as the people in them do.

And you know what?

This commitment to mutual growth stems from a deep understanding that true empowerment comes from taking full responsibility for our lives.

It’s about choosing to focus on what we can control – our own attitudes, actions, and responses.

5) He respects your financial decisions

Money is often a contentious issue in relationships, but a man who genuinely loves you will respect your financial decisions.  

Whether you choose to invest in your education, donate to a cause you believe in, or save for the future, he will respect your decisions.

He won’t try to control or criticize how you choose to use your resources.

Instead, he will support you in making choices that reflect your values and contribute to your growth and well-being.

Now, this is not to say that he won’t express concerns or share his perspective.

In fact, open and honest discussions about money are essential in a healthy relationship.

But at the end of the day, he will respect your autonomy and support your financial decisions, just as he expects you to respect his.

Bottom line?

Genuine love is about mutual respect and shared values.

It’s about supporting each other in living life in alignment with our deepest beliefs and aspirations.

And that includes respecting each other’s financial decisions.

6) He isn’t afraid of your strength

In a world that often mistakes femininity for weakness, it might seem odd to think that a man who truly loves you would embrace rather than shrink from your strength.

Whether it’s your knack for navigating emotions, your intellectual sharpness, or your physical strength, he’ll admire and respect it, not see it as a threat.

That’s because he recognizes the inherent value in each person.

He doesn’t view your strength as an affront to his manhood or as undermining his role in the relationship.

Rather, he sees it as a core part of who you are.

Here’s the deal: A man who really loves you will cheer on your victories and be there for you in tough times.

He won’t belittle you to boost his own ego.

Instead, he’ll be right there beside you, proud to be with a woman who’s not only strong and competent but also fiercely determined.

7) He communicates openly and honestly

Open and honest communication is the lifeblood of any relationship.

A man who genuinely loves you won’t resort to manipulation or deceit.

Instead, he will prioritize clear, respectful, and honest communication.

He will express his feelings, share his thoughts, and discuss his concerns with you.

He won’t hide things from you or avoid difficult conversations.

He understands that love is about opening oneself up, about being vulnerable with each other.

Truth is, this kind of communication isn’t always easy.

It requires courage and a willingness to be seen in our imperfections.

But a man who truly loves you will be willing to take that risk because he knows that it’s through such honesty and vulnerability that true intimacy is built.

8) He respects your independence

It might seem paradoxical, but a man who genuinely loves you will respect your independence.

He understands that love isn’t about possession or control, but about choosing to be with each other while respecting each other’s individuality.

He won’t try to control you or limit your freedom.

Instead, he will support you in pursuing your dreams and living your life on your terms.

He understands that a healthy relationship is made up of two whole individuals who choose to share their lives while still maintaining their individuality.

Let’s set one thing straight: Genuine love isn’t about losing yourself in another person.

It’s about growing together while still growing as individuals.

A man who truly loves you will understand this and will respect your independence even as he cherishes your shared connection.

Love is more than skin deep

As we navigate through the maze of relationships, it’s essential to remember that genuine love goes beyond physical appearances.

It’s about connection, respect, growth, and authenticity.

It’s about seeing and being seen for who we truly are.

These eight signs are guideposts, illuminating the path towards genuine love.

They remind us that true love isn’t about finding the perfect person but about building a relationship rooted in mutual respect, shared growth, and deep connection.

As I’ve explored in my various videos, we all have the capacity to live life with more purpose and freedom.

But it requires us to confront our fears, challenge limiting beliefs, and cultivate self-compassion.

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As you reflect on the signs of genuine love, I invite you to ponder this question: How can you cultivate a relationship that values authenticity over appearances?