7 signs a man sees you as his life partner, according to psychologists

Cat Harper by Cat Harper | July 8, 2024, 4:48 pm

Finding ‘the one’ feels tougher than ever, doesn’t it?

With all the casual dating, situationships, ghosting, and friends with benefits, it’s really hard to know if you’re in a stable relationship. 

Dating seems so temporary nowadays that it’s easy to wonder if your guy is seriously into you or just hanging out for fun.

But don’t worry: there are some clear signs to look for that show he sees you as his life partner. These signals go beyond the superficial to show a deep connection and genuine commitment.

Ready to find out what they are? 

Let’s dive in and see how many of these signs you recognize in your partner!

1) He’s open, honest, and engaged with you 

Is your man open, honest, and engaged in the relationship?

Instead of avoiding deep conversations or shying away from tough topics, he steps up and gets involved, even when it’s challenging. 

This kind of openness might seem straightforward, but it’s actually a big deal. It shows he’s emotionally available and ready to commit to a long term relationship. 

And this stuff matters: research indicates that this kind of investment in the relationship is a sign of readiness which is a strong predictor of relationship success.

Keep an eye out for signs like:

  • His willingness to talk about his feelings.
  • His desire to resolve conflicts thoroughly.
  • His actions match up with his words consistently.

If your guy is doing all of these things, it’s a good sign he’s ready to commit long term and views you as his life partner.

2) He’s very tactile and always wants to be close to you

You know that wonderful feeling when someone you care about can’t seem to get enough of being close to you? That’s how your partner is almost all of the time, right?

It could be something as simple as holding hands while taking a stroll, an arm gently resting around your shoulder, or cuddling up during a movie night.

While some might dismiss this as just early relationship excitement, it’s actually a sign of deep affection

Research supports this, showing that affectionate touch is positively linked to love in romantic relationships. That just means that the more he touches you the more love he feels. 

If you find that your guy frequently initiates physical contact, it’s more than just fun for him. These are signs he might truly see you as his life partner.

3) He respects you and your boundaries

This is a big one.

Here’s the thing: respect is the cornerstone of any relationship.

Whether it’s giving you some space after an argument or avoiding things he knows to make you uncomfortable, showing respect is essential. 

It’s about honoring your needs and boundaries, regardless of his personal feelings at the moment. It has a big impact on the relationship and is a clear sign of his true feelings towards you.

Psychologist Dr. Meghan Marcum explains, “People set boundaries to feel safe. When someone respects these, it builds trust and shows they really care about how you feel.” 

This type of respect is crucial for any lasting relationship. It not only strengthens your bond but is also a telling sign that he sees you as his long-term partner.  

4) He naturally includes you in his future plans 

If a man views you as his life partner, he’ll make it clear that you’re both heading in the same direction. 

Having a shared vision for the future is crucial as you grow together and if he’s looking at you as a life partner, he won’t shy away from the big topics. 

In the shorter term, he’ll be open to planning trips and future life events together, which shows his level of commitment. 

Plus, you’ll notice he often switches from “I” to “we” when discussing the future, whether it’s deciding where to go on holiday or talking about long-term investments.

Psychologist Arthur Aron’s “inclusion of self with others” scale measures how deeply someone integrates their partner into their sense of self. 

A man who includes you so thoroughly in his plans likely scores high, showing a deep connection and strong commitment to you. Just remember; actions speak louder than words.

A man truly committed to a future with you will not just talk about it; he’ll actively work to make those plans happen. These actions, show his desire to include you in all parts of his life.

5) He values your opinion and asks for your advice

Does your partner ever ask you for your opinion or advice? 

Here’s the thing: it might not seem like a big deal but if he turns to you for advice, about anything in his life, it’s a big sign that he respects and trusts your judgment.

As psychologist John Gottman points out “Successful long-term relationships are created through small words, small gestures, and small acts.” 

Consistently seeking your opinion and asking for your advice are small but important gestures that suggest your relationship is built to last. 

By valuing your opinions and advice, he’s not just being considerate; he’s showing that he sees you as an integral part of his life and that he views you as his life partner.

6) He lets you see who he really is

Another telling sign that he sees you as his life partner is that he lets you in emotionally.

Being open and vulnerable is a big deal in relationships. When a man shows you more than just his public persona, like his fears, dreams, and true feelings, it really shows he trusts you.

It’s not easy for someone to open up like that; it really takes courage and a lot of trust in you. And it tells you a lot about how he views you.

Brené Brown, an expert on vulnerability, says it best: “Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity.”

When he’s vulnerable with you, he’s not just sharing his softer side; he’s really letting you into his life in a deep way. This is how strong, lasting relationships are built.

If you’ve seen sides of him that he doesn’t show just anyone, you can be pretty sure he sees you as his life partner. 

7) He encourages you to pursue your dreams 

It’s a big deal when a man actively supports your progress and helps you be your best self, right? 

This kind of encouragement shows that he’s invested in your happiness and fulfillment for the long haul. It means he wants to see you succeed and do things that make you happy.

When I first told my partner about my dreams and aspirations, I was scared he’d laugh at me or tell me I was being ridiculous. 

But to my surprise, he was incredibly supportive, encouraging me to go for it and letting me know he’d be right there by my side, cheering me on.

We were only a few months into our relationship at this stage but his encouragement and reassurance really made me feel like he was looking at me as a long-term partner.

Research by The Gottman Institute reveals that much couple conflict stems from unfulfilled dreams and the resentment this breeds. Supporting each other’s dreams is crucial for lasting relationships. 

His encouragement for you to chase your dreams is a dead giveaway, he’s in it for the long haul and sees you as his life partner.

Final thoughts

How many of these signs do you recognize in your relationship? 

Reflecting on these can help you understand how deeply your partner values and commits to your shared future.

Remember, recognizing these signs is just the start of a journey toward a fulfilling relationship. Keep nurturing these qualities in each other, and you’ll build a strong foundation that can last a lifetime.