9 rare signs you have a positive effect on the people around you (even if they don’t say it)

Ethan Sterling by Ethan Sterling | June 14, 2024, 4:25 pm

It’s not always easy to tell if you’re making a difference in other people’s lives.

Often, the positive impact we have on others is unspoken, and sometimes it’s even unnoticed.

But just because it isn’t voiced, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

There are subtle signs that suggest you’re influencing the people around you in a positive way.

In this article, I’ll outline nine rare signs that you’re making a positive impact on those around you – even if they don’t say it.

And trust me, recognizing these signs can give you a whole new perspective on your relationships.

1) People seek your advice

While getting compliments and praise is nice and all, you know you’re really making a difference when people keep coming to you for advice.

It doesn’t have to be some big crisis either; they might just want to know what book to read next or where to grab a bite to eat.

The fact that they trust your judgment and respect your opinion says a lot about the positive impact you’re having on them.

But hey, with great influence comes great responsibility, right?

So, it’s crucial to dish out honest and thoughtful advice to keep that trust alive and keep on positively shaping the lives of those around you.

2) They emulate your behavior

Another subtle sign that you’re having a positive effect on those around you is when they start to emulate your behavior.

For instance, I remember a time in my previous job when I made an effort to always greet everyone with a warm smile and positive energy.

Before long, I started to notice the same behavior being mirrored back at me.

People who were typically reserved began to open up more, and the office vibe became noticeably more positive.

Imitation, as they say, is the sincerest form of flattery.

When people start adopting your actions or mannerisms, it’s a silent acknowledgment that they admire and respect you.  

3) You inspire change

You know you’re making a real impact when you see people inspired to make positive changes in their lives because of you.

It’s not about forcing your ideas on them, but simply leading by example and motivating them to be their best selves.

Let’s say you’ve got a coworker who’s been struggling with their health and fitness.

Instead of giving them a lecture on exercise and diet, you just start living healthier.

You invite them to tag along for lunchtime walks or suggest trying out some tasty, nutritious recipes together.

Before you know it, they’re noticing the difference in your energy levels and overall well-being.

Your energy is contagious, and they start making little changes of their own – opting for salads over fast food and getting more active.

Here’s the bottom line: When you start seeing folks around you stepping up their game – whether it’s adopting healthier routines, diving into new hobbies, or chasing career dreams – chances are, you’re the spark.  

4) They value your presence

Your impact on others shines through in their reactions when you’re around.

When you step into a room and faces light up, or when conversations effortlessly unfold with you present, it’s a surefire sign that your presence is treasured.

You radiate a certain positivity, energy, or comfort that others find irresistible.

You’re the person everyone wants nearby because being in your company simply feels right.

It’s not about stealing the spotlight or commanding attention; it’s about making people feel acknowledged, understood, and appreciated.

The fact that others actively seek out your companionship speaks volumes about the positive influence you wield in their lives.

5) They trust you with their secrets

Opening up to someone isn’t something people do casually. It’s a deep display of trust and admiration.

Thus, if you discover that individuals frequently confide their secrets or inner struggles in you, it’s a glaring signal that you positively impact their lives.

They rely on you to lend an ear without criticism, extend a comforting hand, and safeguard their secrets.

It’s evidence that you’ve fostered an environment where they feel safe to reveal their vulnerabilities.

You know what? Being entrusted in such a manner is an immense privilege.

Treat their trust with utmost care and continue being the supportive, empathetic individual they rely on.

6) They turn to you in tough times

Life is a rollercoaster, full of highs and lows. And when we hit those lows, we instinctively seek out the people who uplift us.

If people turn to you in their darkest moments – whether it’s a rough day at the office, a breakup, or a personal tragedy – it’s a glaring sign that your impact goes far beyond just being a good time.

They view you as a pillar of comfort and resilience, someone who can guide them through the storm.

It’s in these raw, vulnerable moments that your positive influence truly shines.

Remember, being there for someone in their time of need is a chance to deepen your connection with them.

So, lend a compassionate ear, offer unwavering support, and assure them that they’re not alone in facing their challenges.

7) They celebrate your success

The people we influence positively don’t just share their lows with us, they’re also there to celebrate our highs.

They take joy in our achievements and cheer us on every step of the way.

I remember when I got a promotion at work, the people I had been mentoring were genuinely happy for me.

There was no hint of jealousy or resentment – just pure, unadulterated happiness.

They celebrated my success as if it was their own.

This is a clear indicator that your positive impact extends beyond your own life and into theirs.

When your success becomes a source of happiness for others, you know you’ve truly made a difference.

8) They respect your boundaries

 Part of having a positive influence on others involves earning their respect for your boundaries.

When you observe that those around you acknowledge your need for personal space or time, and they honor it without imposing guilt or pressure, it’s a clear indicator that your impact is not only positive but also healthy.

Their respect for your boundaries demonstrates their awareness of your needs and their readiness to accommodate them.

It signifies their genuine concern for your well-being and their sensitivity to your emotions.

This mutual respect forms the bedrock of a healthy and constructive relationship, which lies at the heart of what it truly means to have a positive influence.

9) They show gratitude

Gratitude is the ultimate testament to your positive impact.

When people genuinely express their thanks for your presence in their lives, it’s a powerful confirmation that you’ve left a lasting mark.

This appreciation can manifest in various ways – from a heartfelt thank-you message to a warm smile or even a small act of kindness.

These gestures are heartfelt acknowledgments of the positive influence you’ve had on their journey.

Always keep in mind, gratitude is the most genuine reflection of your positive deeds.

When it comes your way, embrace it wholeheartedly, knowing that you’ve genuinely made a difference.

Reflection: The ripple effect

Our influence on those around us is like tossing a stone into a pond and watching the ripples spread.

Even the tiniest actions we take can create waves that reach far and wide, touching people in ways we might never fully realize.

That’s the essence of making a positive impact on others.

It’s about sending out those vibes of positivity with every chat, every day.

Whether it’s noticed or not, your influence is making a difference.

As you go about your daily grind, remember that you’re stirring up ripples with every interaction.

Those little signs you see are just hints of the good you’re putting out there. The real measure of your impact?

It’s in the hearts and lives of those you connect with.