If you recognize these 7 subtle signs, your relationship is in great shape

Tina Fey by Tina Fey | July 2, 2024, 10:31 pm

There’s a fine line between a good relationship and a great one.

 As the founder of Love Connection blog and a relationship expert, I’ve seen it all.

And trust me it’s not always about grand gestures or epic love declarations. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count the most.

Today, I will give you 7 subtle signs that your relationship is thriving.

Let’s dive in. 

1) Open communication 

In any relationship, communication forms the backbone.

You see, it’s not just about talking or sharing your day. It goes deeper than that. It’s about opening up, being vulnerable, and letting your partner into your world.

When you’re in a great relationship, you’ll find that communication comes naturally. You’re not afraid to talk about your feelings, your fears, or your dreams. And it’s not just one-sided; your partner does the same.

This open channel of communication builds trust and understanding – essential elements in a thriving relationship.

If heart-to-heart talks are a regular part of your relationship, that’s a subtle sign things are going exceptionally well.

2) You can be silent, too

In a world where we’re always connected, always online, and always talking, silence can seem daunting. It’s easy to feel the need to fill every moment with words.

But here’s the thing: in a really great relationship, you don’t always have to.

Comfortable silence is a sign of a deep and secure bond. It shows that you’re content just being in each other’s presence, without the need for constant chatter.

When you can sit together in silence without feeling awkward or compelled to break it, that’s when you know you’ve reached a level of connection many only dream about.

3) You maintain your individuality

In the rush of new love, it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘we’ and forget about the ‘I’. But a sign of a truly healthy relationship is when both partners can maintain their individuality.

In a great relationship, you’re not just halves of a whole, but two whole individuals who choose to be together. You have your own hobbies, friends, and interests apart from each other.

And that’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay. It’s healthy.

4) You’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders

In a flourishing relationship, both partners act as pillars of support for each other. You celebrate each other’s successes, big or small, and provide comfort during tough times.

In my journey as a relationship expert, I’ve seen this time and again. The couples that are truly thriving are those who encourage each other, celebrate each other’s victories, and stand by each other in challenging times.

Do you find yourself being your partner’s biggest cheerleader (and they’re yours)? Good for you. Take it as a positive sign that your relationship is in great shape.

5) You handle disagreements with respect

In every relationship, disagreements are inevitable. But it’s how you handle these disagreements that can make or break a relationship.

In a healthy and thriving relationship, you argue with respect. That means no shouting, no name-calling, and definitely no disrespect. Instead, it’s about expressing your views, listening to your partner’s perspective, and finding a middle ground.

It’s not the absence of arguments that signifies a great relationship, but the way they’re handled. It’s about understanding that you’re both on the same team and that every disagreement is an opportunity to learn and grow together.

6) You trust each other implicitly

Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship. It’s not built overnight, but once there, it becomes a pillar of strength in your relationship.

In my years of experience in the field of love and relationships, I’ve come to understand that trust isn’t just about being faithful. It’s about being reliable, keeping your promises, and being there for each other.

If you can leave your phone unlocked around your partner, or tell them your deepest secrets without hesitation, you’re in a great place. Trust like this signifies a secure, strong relationship.

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7) You’re okay with not being perfect

In a world filled with picture-perfect portrayals of love, it’s easy to feel like your relationship should be flawless.

But let’s be brutally honest here, no relationship is perfect. And that’s okay.

A truly great relationship embraces the imperfections. It’s about acknowledging that you both have flaws and insecurities and loving each other regardless.

In a healthy relationship, your partner sees your imperfections not as faults to be corrected but as quirks that make you uniquely you.

Wrapping up

It’s important to remember that, while great to see, these subtle signs aren’t set in stone. Every relationship is unique, shaped by the individuals involved and their unique blend of experiences, values, and personalities.

What’s fundamental, however, are elements like trust, respect, and open communication. These foundations foster a secure environment where love can truly flourish.

To delve further into this topic, I recommend this insightful video by Justin Brown where he explores the complexities of finding a life partner. His reflections on shared values and mutual growth are very much aligned with what we’ve been discussing here.

YouTube video

As you navigate your own journey in love and relationships, remember to cherish these moments of growth and connection. They are the subtle signs that your relationship is in great shape.

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