If someone displays these 9 behaviors, they’re probably a free spirit

Tina Fey by Tina Fey | January 13, 2024, 12:40 pm

There’s a certain air about free spirits that sets them apart from others. They’re often misunderstood, but they know themselves and what they want out of life.

Free spirits follow their own path and don’t let societal norms dictate their decisions. They’re independent, open-minded, and unafraid to embrace what makes them unique.

Spotting a free spirit isn’t always easy, but there are certain behaviors that give them away. Here are nine behaviors to look out for that’ll help you identify the free spirits in your life.

1) They march to the beat of their own drum

Free spirits aren’t known for following the crowd. In fact, they often go out of their way to do just the opposite.

They’re not just being rebellious or contrarian for the sake of it. It’s just that they have a deep-seated need to be true to themselves, even if that means going against what’s popular or expected.

They value individuality and aren’t afraid to stand out, even if it means being misunderstood. They’re really serious about living life on their own terms, and fitting into a box or meeting societal expectations aren’t part of that.

So if you see someone consistently doing their own thing without regard for what others might think, there’s a good chance they’re a free spirit.

2) They’re open to new experiences

One thing I’ve noticed about free spirits is that they have a curiosity and zest for life that’s hard to match. They’re hungry for new experiences and love to explore the unknown.

I remember a friend of mine, who I now realize is a quintessential free spirit. She’d often drop everything and go on spontaneous trips, just because she felt like it. I’ll never forget the time she called me on a Tuesday evening and asked if I wanted to join her on a road trip…the very next day!

While it seemed crazy at the time, I decided to join her, and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. We camped in national parks, explored small towns, and met some amazing people along the way.

That’s the beauty of free spirits – they’re not bound by routines or schedules. They embrace spontaneity and aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone. This openness to new experiences is a telltale sign of a true free spirit.

3) They cherish freedom and independence

As I mentioned earlier, free spirits live life on their own terms. So it follows that freedom is so important to them. That includes mental and emotional freedom, too.

That’s why they tend to resist anything that feels like it’s restricting their choices or limiting their potential.

They have a fierce streak of independence, so if you’re in a relationship with a free thinker, expect to see deep commitment to personal autonomy and perhaps a non-traditional approach to the relationship.

They’re likely to value open communication and would need a partner who respects their need for space and spontaneity.

4) They’re not afraid to express their emotions

Again, free spirits are all about openness. That includes the way they communicate.

They’re honest about their feelings. They don’t hide their emotions or pretend to feel something they don’t. They’re not concerned with appearing “too sensitive” or “overly emotional.”

Instead, they see their emotions as a natural part of who they are and believe in expressing them freely.

If they’re happy, they’ll let the world know it. And if they’re upset or hurt, they won’t shy away from expressing that either.

I guess this raw, unfiltered emotional honesty is one of the reasons why the rest of the world could find a free spirit a little intimidating or unpredictable.

This openness can be refreshing, but it also challenges the more conventional norms of emotional expression, where restraint and moderation are often valued.

But for those who appreciate authenticity and a direct approach, a free spirit’s candidness can be incredibly endearing and a breath of fresh air.

Personally, I appreciate the free spirits in my life because I can rely on them to be real with me!

5) They love deeply and passionately

Another thing I appreciate in my free-spirited loved ones is their big heart. When they love someone, they’re all in.

They don’t hold back when it comes to emotions, and that includes love. And what’s more, their love isn’t restricted or conditional. It’s genuine, passionate, and all-encompassing.

They’re not afraid to show their affection and will often express their love in creative and unique ways.

And the cherry on top? As deep and passionate as their love is, it isn’t clingy or possessive at all!

They understand the importance of individuality in a relationship and respect their partner’s freedom as much as they value their own.

So, if you ever have the privilege of being loved by a free spirit, cherish it. It’s a kind of love that’s rare and beautiful, just like them.

6) They’re comfortable with being alone

In the same breath, they’d be perfectly content with their own company as well.

While they often have a magnetic personality that attracts others, free spirits don’t need constant social interaction to feel fulfilled or happy.

In fact, they often enjoy solitude because it allows them room to think, create, and explore their inner world. They see spending time alone not as something to be avoided, but as an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth.

7) They embrace change and uncertainty

Similarly, free spirits have the ability to see change and uncertainty in a different light.

For many people (including me), the unknown can be scary. And so we tend to cling to routine and predictability.

But for free spirits, predictability is exactly what they’re scared of. Because they tend to thrive in change. Uncertainty excites them and makes them feel alive.

That’s an important lesson I learned from the free spirits in my life. When I see them being so joyful in embracing change, it inspires me to be the same, at least in that aspect.

And you know what? Taking on that perspective myself has helped me be more adaptable and positive in uncertain situations!

8) They live in the moment

Free spirits also have a unique ability to live in the present. They understand that life is happening right now, in this very moment, and they choose to fully embrace it.

They don’t dwell on the past or worry too much about the future. They have dreams or goals, but they aren’t constantly planning or strategizing. Instead, they go with the flow and take each day as it comes.

Living in the moment is perhaps the most defining trait of a free spirit. It’s a philosophy that allows them to fully experience life as it unfolds, with all its beauty, challenges, and unpredictability.

9) They’re deeply connected to nature

Going for a hike. Enjoying a picnic in the park. Simply sitting quietly by a river.

If you find peace and inspiration in nature, you just might be a free spirit. Or at least the potential to be one.

You see, free spirits often feel a profound connection to the natural world. They appreciate the beauty and serenity that nature provides and tend to seek it out whenever they can.

This deep connection to nature reflects their free-spirited mindset. Just like nature, they’re wild, untamed, and beautifully unique in their own way.

The essence: It’s about embracing life

It’s a common misconception that free spirits are reckless or irresponsible. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The core of being a free spirit is this – embracing life in all its uncertainty and complexity. It’s about choosing authenticity over conformity, curiosity over fear, and freedom over restrictions.

It’s about living with intentionality and choosing to follow your own path, even when it diverges from societal expectations.

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” This quote beautifully encapsulates the free-spirited mindset. They have their own internal chaos, their own unique blend of traits and quirks, but it’s from this chaos that they shine their brightest.

Remember, free spirits aren’t defined by a checklist of behaviors. They’re defined by their mindset, their approach to life.

And whether or not you identify as one, there’s something we can all learn from the way they navigate the world with such openness.

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