10 habits of classy women that leave a lasting impression

Tina Fey by Tina Fey | March 27, 2024, 12:59 pm

We all aspire to be that woman who turns heads when she walks into a room. Not because of her designer dress or expensive handbag, but because of something much more elusive – her class.

That’s the kind of woman who leaves a lasting impression long after she’s left the room. The one whose poise and grace make her stand out in the crowd.

You might be thinking, “That’s not me. I’m not classy enough.” But guess what? Class isn’t about pedigree or wealth. It’s about habits. And anyone can cultivate habits.

Don’t worry if you’re wondering where to start. I’m here to share ten habits of classy women that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Some may surprise you. Others might seem like common sense.

So, are you ready to step up your game and leave a lasting impression?

Let’s get started!

1) They are good listeners

Ever met someone who really listens when you speak? It’s a rare quality, isn’t it? Well, that’s one of the habits of a classy woman.

I remember a time when I was at a dinner party. There were about ten people around the table, and the conversation was flowing. But one woman stood out. She wasn’t the loudest or the most talkative. In fact, she barely spoke at all.

What she did do, however, was listen. She was fully engaged in every conversation, making eye contact and nodding her head in understanding.

And when she did speak, it was clear that she had been listening because her responses were thoughtful and relevant.

Believe me when I say that everyone at that table felt valued and respected because of her attention. That’s the power of being a good listener.

2) They keep their word

If a classy woman says she’s going to do something – she does it. Simple as that.

One of my dearest friends, Katie, is one such example. I’ll never forget when she promised to help me move house. It was a hectic day, and I knew she was busy with work and family commitments.

But despite everything, she showed up bright and early with a smile on her face ready to help.

She didn’t complain or make excuses. She just got on with it because she had given her word. And that really left an impression on me.

Keeping your word may seem like a small thing, but it’s a big deal. It shows integrity and reliability – two qualities that are sure signs of class.

3) They maintain good posture

You may not realize this, but your posture can say a lot about you. A study conducted by Ohio State researchers found that individuals who sit up straight are more likely to think positive and confident thoughts about themselves.

Clearly, how you hold yourself is a reflection of your inner state.

Classy women understand this, which is why they make it a point to stand tall and sit upright. Not only does it project confidence, but it also shows respect towards oneself and others.

So, next time you find yourself slouching, straighten up! It could end up making a world of difference in how others perceive you.

And more importantly, in how you perceive yourself.

This brings me to my  next point…

4) They are confident

Did you know that displaying confidence can actually make you more likable?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that in yourself, in how you tend to be attracted to someone who appears confident more than someone who seems to shrink into themself.

The science bears that out. According to social psychology experts, one reason why confidence is so attractive is because “a lot of the things we want in a partner are difficult to observe directly, especially on first meeting – this includes traits like competence, drive, social status, and kindness.”

And confidence…well, confidence makes us believe that the person has all those traits we want. We trust that their confidence is a reflection of their actual value.

As we’ve established, classy women embody confidence from the get-go. They know their worth and aren’t afraid to express their ideas or stand up for what they believe in.

Yet, it’s not an overbearing, arrogant kind of confidence – it’s a quiet, self-assured kind that speaks volumes.

5) They are gracious in the face of adversity

Now, let’s talk about how you handle adversity. Are you the type to crack under stress and lash out at anyone within reach? Or can you maintain composure when life throws those darned curveballs at you?

If you say yes to the latter, then you’re in good company with the classy women of the world.

You see, classy women exemplify grace under pressure. They don’t let life’s ups and downs ruffle their feathers; instead, they handle adversity with poise and calmness.

When things go wrong, they don’t lash out or place blame. They take a deep breath, assess the situation, and handle it with dignity.

This ability to remain composed, even in the face of adversity, leaves a lasting impression on those around them.

It’s a subtle reminder that life isn’t about what happens to us, but how we react to it.

6) They are always learning

Another thing you’ll notice about classy women is how they always seem curious and interested in the world around them.  To me, that’s one of the most impressive habits a person can have.

One of my closest friends, Lisa, is that kind of person. She’s always reading a new book, taking a new course, or exploring a new hobby.

She doesn’t do it to show off or to pad her resume. There’s no agenda behind it other than the fact that she genuinely loves learning.

I remember once when we were having coffee, she excitedly told me about the pottery class she had started attending. She could have easily spent her spare time binge-watching her favorite shows or scrolling through social media (which, I hate to admit, were activities I’d spend hours on).

But instead, she chose to learn a new skill.

That habit of hers has always stuck with me. It has inspired me to always keep a growth mindset — to keep learning new things and loving it. To not waste my time on mindless pursuits.

Because the truth is, a love for learning is one reason why classy women come across as intelligent, articulate, and interesting.

As the saying goes, if you want to be interesting, be interested!

7) They practice kindness

“Classy” is a word I often hear when people describe someone who has done an act of kindness.

An athlete helping her injured fellow athlete across the finish line.

A celebrity being actively (yet quietly) involved in a charity.

A stranger who gives up their seat on the subway for a pregnant lady.

The verdict is clear — kindness is classy.

Classy women understand this and make it a point to be kind to everyone they interact with. They show empathy and compassion, not just to their friends and family, but also to strangers.

Mind you, their kindness is genuine, not just displayed for the sake of appearances. In a world that often values competitiveness and ruthlessness, the habit of kindness truly sets them apart.

8) They respect boundaries

Aside from being kind, classy women are very respectful and mindful of boundaries, both their own and others’.

They’ll be assertive about what they think, but they won’t push their opinions on others or intrude on people’s personal space. When you say “no”, they’ll respect that because they know the value of saying “no” themselves.

This respect for boundaries isn’t about being distant or aloof – it’s about understanding that everyone has a right to their own space and feelings.

9) They value quality over quantity

It’s a misconception that being classy means having the trendiest wardrobe or always being at the hottest parties. That’s not the case at all.

True class isn’t about ostentatious displays or having the latest things; it’s about choosing what lasts and what truly matters.

This principle applies not just to fashion or possessions, but to all aspects of life.

For classy women, this approach extends to how they interact with others. They are discerning about who they spend their time with, and you can be sure that they will always choose meaningful connections over superficial ones.

They understand the value of deep, authentic relationships and don’t spread themselves too thin trying to please everyone. This selective nature in their personal life is a testament to their belief in quality over quantity.

In their professional life, they apply the same philosophy. They focus on producing work of high caliber rather than a high quantity of mediocre work.

This attention to detail and commitment to excellence often sets them apart in their careers. They are known for their reliability and the consistent quality of their work, which is why they earn a lot of respect and admiration in their field.

This mindset of prioritizing quality in every aspect of their lives gives classy women a certain grace and elegance that’s not easily replicated.

10) They practice gratitude

Finally, one of the most impactful habits of classy women is practicing gratitude. They take the time to appreciate the good in their lives and express thanks for it.

This isn’t just about saying ‘thank you’ when someone holds the door for them (although they certainly do that too). It’s a whole mindset of actively acknowledging the positive things in their lives and not taking them for granted.

This habit of gratitude not only leaves a lasting impression but also contributes to their overall happiness.

Final thoughts

As you can see, being classy isn’t about being better than anyone else.

Respect, kindness, grace, self-confidence, and being the best version of yourself — that’s what it’s all about.

And the best thing is, these are all accessible to anyone who’s willing to try!

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