9 things mentally strong people always do (but never talk about)

Avatar by Lachlan Brown | April 3, 2024, 6:38 pm

There’s a stark difference between appearing strong and truly being mentally strong.

Being mentally strong isn’t about putting on a brave face or never showing vulnerability. It’s about learning to cope with difficulties, bouncing back from failure, and persisting in the face of adversity.

Mentally strong people have certain habits that set them apart, and interestingly enough, they rarely discuss these habits openly.

In this article, we’ll delve into nine things that mentally strong people consistently do but seldom talk about.

These practices might surprise you, but they are key elements in cultivating mental resilience.

Let’s take a closer look.

1) Embrace change

Mentally strong individuals understand that change is an inevitable part of life.

Instead of resisting it, they adapt, evolve, and thrive in the face of it. They recognize that the fear of change can be far more limiting than the change itself.

But here’s the interesting part – they rarely discuss this openly. You won’t hear them preaching about their adaptability or flexibility.

It’s a silent process, a personal journey that they embark on every time life throws a curveball their way. They embrace change, and in doing so, they become capable of weathering any storm that life may bring.

It’s not about boasting about one’s adaptability. It’s about silently demonstrating it through one’s actions and responses to life’s unpredictable twists and turns.

2) They practice patience

There’s a saying that patience is a virtue, and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to mental strength.

I remember a time when I was working on a project that was incredibly important to me. Progress was slow and there were numerous setbacks. It was tempting to throw in the towel, but I knew that wouldn’t get me anywhere.

So instead, I practiced patience. I understood that success wasn’t going to happen overnight. It was a long and challenging process, but I held on.

I didn’t talk about this struggle with anyone, not because I was ashamed, but because it was a personal battle I was fighting.

And you know what? My patience paid off. The project eventually came together and it was far more successful than I could have imagined.

Mentally strong people don’t just understand the importance of patience, they live it.

And while they may not talk about it, their actions speak volumes.

3) They practice self-care

Mentally strong people understand the importance of taking care of themselves, physically, mentally, and emotionally. They’re aware that their ability to perform and succeed is directly tied to their well-being.

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep – these aren’t just elements of a healthy lifestyle, they’re crucial to maintaining mental strength.

Did you know that exercise has been proven to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety? It’s not just about staying active or maintaining a healthy weight. Regular physical activity actually changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills, and mood.

But you won’t hear mentally strong people discussing how they hit the gym or meditate for their mental strength.

It’s simply a part of their routine, a non-negotiable that they understand is crucial for their overall well-being.

4) They set boundaries

Boundaries are a key element in maintaining mental strength.

Mentally strong people know that saying “yes” to everything can lead to burnout, stress, and resentment. So, they set clear boundaries and aren’t afraid to say “no” when necessary.

They understand that their time, energy, and emotional capacity are finite resources that need to be managed wisely. They prioritize their commitments and make conscious decisions about what they can take on.

But this isn’t something they’ll openly discuss or justify. It’s a personal strategy, a silent understanding they have with themselves.

Setting boundaries isn’t about being selfish or unkind. It’s about self-preservation and maintaining one’s mental strength in the long run.

5) They cultivate gratitude

Gratitude isn’t just about saying “thank you.” It’s a mindset, a conscious decision to appreciate what you have and where you are in life.

Mentally strong people understand the power of gratitude. They know that focusing on what they have, rather than what they lack, fosters positivity and reduces stress.

But this isn’t something they flaunt or preach about. Their gratitude is often a private practice, reflected in their attitude and actions.

They might keep a gratitude journal, take a moment each day to reflect on their blessings, or simply maintain an appreciative outlook on life.

Cultivating gratitude is a silent yet powerful practice that significantly contributes to one’s mental strength.

6) They forgive

Forgiveness is a powerful tool in the arsenal of the mentally strong.

Harboring resentment or holding onto past hurts can weigh heavily on one’s mind and heart, potentially leading to stress and negativity.

Mentally strong people understand this. They make the choice to forgive, not necessarily because the other person deserves forgiveness, but because they deserve peace.

This doesn’t mean they forget or allow themselves to be repeatedly hurt. It simply means they release the burden of resentment and move forward.

But this practice of forgiveness isn’t something they often discuss. It’s a deeply personal process, one that happens quietly within their hearts and minds.

Forgiveness isn’t about the other person; it’s about freeing oneself from the shackles of bitterness and resentment. And that’s a crucial aspect of mental strength.

7) They embrace failure

Embracing failure isn’t easy. It’s uncomfortable and often painful. But mentally strong people understand that failure is not the end, but rather a stepping stone to success.

I recall a time when I decided to start my own business. I had a great idea, a solid plan, and a lot of enthusiasm. However, despite my best efforts, the business failed.

It was a crushing blow and it would have been easy to wallow in self-pity or give up entirely. But instead, I chose to learn from the experience. I examined where things went wrong, what I could have done differently, and what valuable lessons I could take away.

This experience of failure, as difficult as it was, contributed significantly to my mental strength. It taught me resilience, perseverance, and the importance of learning from my mistakes.

But it’s not something I often talk about. It’s not a badge of honor or a sob story, but rather a personal experience that shaped who I am today. That’s the power of embracing failure.

8) They embrace solitude

In a society that often equates being alone with being lonely, embracing solitude can seem daunting.

However, mentally strong people understand the value of spending time alone. It’s in these moments of solitude that they can reflect, recharge, and connect with themselves on a deeper level.

They might use this time to meditate, pursue a hobby, or simply enjoy the quiet. It’s not about isolation, but about giving themselves the space to breathe and grow.

But this isn’t something they often discuss or advocate for. It’s a personal practice, a quiet sanctuary they retreat to when they need to.

Embracing solitude isn’t about shutting out the world. It’s about creating space for self-reflection and personal growth – two essential components of mental strength.

9) They prioritize self-improvement

Above all else, mentally strong people understand that there’s always room for growth and improvement. They’re continuously striving to learn, improve, and become better versions of themselves.

They might read books, attend seminars, or seek mentorship. They’re not afraid to ask for help or admit that they don’t have all the answers.

But this ongoing journey towards self-improvement isn’t something they often talk about. It’s a personal commitment, a silent pact they’ve made with themselves.

Remember, mental strength isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. And the pursuit of self-improvement is the compass that guides this journey.

Final thoughts: Strength lies within

The remarkable journey of mentally strong people is not marked by loud proclamations or grand displays. Instead, it’s a silent, persistent endeavor, etched in their everyday practices and habits.

They embrace change, practice patience, take care of themselves, set boundaries, cultivate gratitude, forgive, embrace failure, cherish solitude, and prioritize self-improvement. These aren’t just actions; they’re reflections of a resilient mindset.

And while they may not openly discuss these habits, their actions speak louder than words. They demonstrate that mental strength is not about appearing tough or suppressing emotions. It’s about confronting difficulties head-on and emerging stronger on the other side.

The Greek philosopher Epictetus once said, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” This sentiment resonates deeply with the ethos of mentally strong people. Their strength isn’t determined by external circumstances but by their internal resolve and attitude.

In the end, it’s important to remember that we all have the capacity for mental strength within us. It’s a silent journey we can all choose to embark on, one day at a time, one habit at a time.

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