9 phrases only truly happy people use, according to psychology

Tina Fey by Tina Fey | May 28, 2024, 7:38 pm

Happiness isn’t just a state, it’s a choice. Truly happy people have a way of radiating their joy onto others, but what’s their secret? It’s all in the words they use.

Using certain phrases consistently not only affects our mood but also shapes our overall outlook on life. According to psychologists, there are key phrases that genuinely happy people tend to use more often.

In this article, we’ll delve into 9 phrases only truly happy people use, according to psychology. These are expressions that can help you channel positivity and perhaps make your day just a little brighter.

Let’s get started. 

1) “I choose to…”

Happiness, as we’ve mentioned before, is a choice. And this is reflected in the vocabulary of truly happy people.

According to psychologists, happy people often use phrases that emphasize their active role in life’s outcomes, such as “I choose to…”. This phrase is a simple yet powerful declaration of personal responsibility and control.

It suggests that the speaker is not a passive recipient of life’s circumstances but an active participant who shapes their own reality. It indicates a proactive approach towards seeking and maintaining happiness.

“I choose to…” implies that the speaker has considered their options and made a conscious decision. It’s a phrase that embodies intentionality and autonomy, both of which are key contributors to genuine happiness.

When you’re faced with a tough decision or situation, remember to say “I choose to…”, and notice the shift in your mood and perspective. But remember, just like with influencing others, it’s vital for this phrase to be used genuinely to avoid falling into self-deception.

2) “I’m grateful for…”

Gratitude is a powerful emotion linked closely with happiness. Truly happy people often express their thankfulness using the phrase “I’m grateful for…”.

Personally, I make it a point to acknowledge the things I’m grateful for each day. Whether it’s something as simple as a good cup of coffee or as significant as the support from my loved ones, expressing gratitude helps me to cultivate a positive mindset.

I remember one particularly challenging day when everything seemed to be going wrong. In the midst of the chaos, I paused and said to myself, “I’m grateful for this experience, because it’s teaching me resilience.” This shift in perspective didn’t magically fix everything, but it sure helped me navigate the situation with grace and positivity.

Try incorporating “I’m grateful for…” into your daily conversations and observe how it helps elevate your mood and overall happiness. Just remember, the key lies in truly feeling the gratitude, not just saying the words.

3) “It’s a beautiful day…”

The way we perceive our environment has a considerable impact on our mood and happiness levels. This is why truly happy people often utter the phrase “It’s a beautiful day…”.

This phrase is not necessarily tied to the weather outside. Instead, it reflects an inner state of appreciation for life and the world around us.

In a research study conducted by the American Psychological Association, participants who were regularly prompted to engage in positive thinking about their surroundings reported significant increases in happiness and life satisfaction.

Even on a rainy day, take a moment to appreciate the beauty in the world around you with “It’s a beautiful day…”. Real happiness comes from within, after all.

4) “I trust that…”

Trust plays a vital role in nurturing happiness. It helps us to let go of worries and embrace the uncertainty of life with a positive attitude. Thus, the phrase “I trust that…” is common among truly happy people.

Saying “I trust that…” reflects a strong belief in oneself and the universe. It signifies acceptance of things beyond our control and the ability to remain optimistic in face of uncertainty.

For example, saying “I trust that things will work out for the best” creates a positive expectation for the future, which can reduce anxiety and stress. It’s a simple yet potent reminder that we can handle whatever comes our way.

Try using “I trust that…” in your conversations and watch how it fosters positivity and resilience.

5) “I’m proud of…”

An essential aspect of happiness is self-acceptance and self-pride. Thus, you’ll often hear truly happy people stating, “I’m proud of…”.

This phrase is an affirmation of personal achievements, big or small. It’s a way for individuals to recognize their own efforts and progress, which boosts self-esteem and fosters a positive self-image.

For instance, saying “I’m proud of my work on this project” or “I’m proud of how I handled that situation” nurtures a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Acknowledging your own victories, no matter how small they may seem, is an important step towards cultivating lasting happiness.

Don’t shy away from using “I’m proud of…” in your conversations.

6) “I love…”

The expression of love, whether towards oneself, others, or things in life, is a potent driver of happiness. Hence, “I love…” is a phrase that truly happy people use frequently.

“I love…” is more than just a declaration of affection. It signifies a deep appreciation and emotional connection. This could be towards people, activities, or even simple everyday moments.

For example, saying “I love spending time with my family” or “I love reading a good book on a rainy day” not only highlights what brings joy but also helps to relive those happy emotions.

The power of love cannot be understated in its role in fostering happiness. So remember to voice out your love and let the happiness it brings radiate from within you.

7) “I’ve learned from…”

Learning and growing from our experiences, particularly the challenging ones, is integral to happiness. This is why truly happy people often say, “I’ve learned from…”.

This phrase reflects a growth mindset, turning setbacks into opportunities for learning. It enables us to move forward without carrying the weight of past mistakes.

When I missed an important deadline at work, it was quite a setback. But instead of wallowing in guilt, I said to myself, “I’ve learned from this experience.” I realized the importance of better time management and started implementing strategies to improve. This approach not only helped me grow professionally but also enhanced my personal happiness.

When life throws you a curveball, remember to say, “I’ve learned from this,” and turn it into a stepping stone towards happiness.

8) “I believe in…”

Belief is a powerful tool that shapes our reality and influences our happiness. Consequently, you’ll often hear truly happy people saying, “I believe in…”.

This phrase indicates a strong conviction in something or someone. It could be belief in oneself, in others, or in a higher purpose or power.

For example, saying “I believe in my ability to succeed,” or “I believe in the goodness of people,” instills confidence and fosters positivity.

Believing in something gives us a sense of purpose and direction, both of which are instrumental in nurturing happiness. So, don’t hesitate to express what you believe in. It might just be the boost of positivity you need.

9) “I’m happy with…”

The most essential phrase truly happy people use is, “I’m happy with…”. This phrase signifies contentment and acceptance, which are fundamental to genuine happiness.

“I’m happy with…” reflects satisfaction with who we are, what we have and where we are in life. It demonstrates the ability to appreciate the present moment without constantly seeking something more or different.

For instance, saying “I’m happy with the progress I’ve made,” or “I’m happy with my simple yet fulfilling life,” fosters a sense of peace and joy.

Happiness isn’t about having the best of everything. It’s about making the best of everything you have.

Words as mirrors

The language we use is a reflection of our minds and our state of being. It’s not just about communication; it’s a mirror into our inner worlds, including our happiness.

These phrases – “I choose to…”, “I’m grateful for…”, “It’s a beautiful day…”, “I trust that…”, “I’m proud of…”, “I love…”, “I’ve learned from…”, “I believe in…” and “I’m happy with…” – are more than just words. They reflect the mindset, the attitude, and the choices of truly happy people.

Psychologists have long been studying the profound impact of positive self-talk on our mental well-being. Harvard Business School conducted a study showing that people who used power phrases like these exhibited 17% higher performance compared to those who didn’t.

But remember, it’s not just about saying these phrases; it’s about embodying their meanings. Happiness is a choice, an internal journey, and these phrases can be your compass.

So next time you speak, pay attention to your words. They might just reveal the path to your happiness.

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