The 100 Most Helpful Websites for Students in 2016

Avatar by Brendan Brown | February 11, 2021, 11:39 am

The Internet is full of resources for college students.

However, the problem lies in which material is valuable and which isn’t. If you’re heading off to university or already studying, you don’t have time to surf the net in the hope of stumbling upon valuable websites (college life is about efficiency, after all!).

Therefore, we created this helpful list of the 100 best websites for college students.

We’ve broken down the list into 15 categories and we’ve numbered them for easy scrolling (rather than being in a particular order). The categories include:

  • Academic writing
  • Academic research
  • Grammar resources
  • Online courses
  • Reference management and style guides
  • Free work tools
  • Inspiration
  • Dictionaries
  • Health websites
  • Exam practice
  • Money management
  • Student life
  • Work
  • Take a break
  • Social awareness

The list contains some websites you probably know about, and others are under-the-radar gems you almost certainly don’t. Enjoy!

Academic Writing

A large component of collegiate work is writing. Clear writing that follows academic standards is the key to writing success. These few resources can assist students in developing and mastering writing in academia.

1. Strategies for Essay Writing – Harvard College Writing Center

Harvard College provides an amazing free resource online for students who need help with writing essays on any subject. This in-depth guide doesn’t just have tips and tricks for writing a killer essay. It contains a whole pathway of advice and guidance from reading the assignment instructions to best decipher what you need to accomplish to final proofreading and editing procedures.

Make sure you invest time into utilizing this online writing center to strengthen those papers.


2. Purdue OWL

Purdue University has created a free online writing lab to provide writing resources and instructional material. This site helps users truly build on their writing skills by providing short lectures on the writing process and what to keep in mind when writing. The best tool here is the APA and MLA guidelines so that students know how to properly cite and reference their academic papers.

3. Using English for Academic Purposes (UEfAP)

This phenomenal resource is available to anyone online. Users can find activities to perform in order to reinforce rules and techniques for proofreading and editing their work. Learn how to effectively write using proper grammar and sentence structure and follow resources that allow you to improve your writing abilities.

If you want some guidance on dissertation editing, check out our tips to edit your own dissertation.

Academic Research

Research is not only key for STEM students but also students in humanities fields who need to rely on sources to inform their academic papers. These following resources will help to streamline the research process.

4. Scholarpedia

Scholarpedia is Wikipedia on steroids! Take scholars and experts in any field and have them submit articles on their respective topics that are peer reviewed and published only after passing publishing criteria and you have Scholarpedia.

All of the resources on the site can be 100% trusted and students will be able to access various perspectives on any subject or topic by many different scholars in the field. It’s a great comprehensive online encyclopedia of knowledge.

5. Google Scholar

As students matriculate through academia, research requirements become more stringent. Gone are the days when you can access any simple web page and cite it as a source. Professors are expecting students to only utilize academic research papers as sources of information to guide writing.

Google Scholar is the most amazing resource to use because it allows for access to papers submitted across all databases on the web. You’re able to trust the authority of a paper through Google’s ranking system based on reference frequency, publishing date, and many more factors. The best part is that most of the papers are accessible in full, allowing you to gain the most from a resource.

6. Library of Congress (LOC)

The LOC is the world’s largest library filled with an astronomical amount of primary source documents as well as books, recording, maps, etc. When creating projects or embarking on some type of research project that involves historical analysis, utilizing the LOC is key to strengthening your authority over the subject material. Gaining access to primary sources greatly improves the quality of any academic project.

7. Scribd

Scribd is an awesome resource if you love electronic versions of books. Pay a $9 monthly membership and gain access to virtually every book you can think of in the Scribd database. You can read books and the program will let you know how many pages are left, how much time is estimated to finish a chapter, and you can bookmark pages to return to later. It’s an awesome resource!

8. Bartleby

For anyone engaged in reading critically acclaimed works, this is the source to utilize. Most of the works in this database are those that have made history or are very prominent in the education system. For researchers, you can find prose, references, as well as fiction/nonfiction literature all by famous authors and storytellers.

9. Zotero

Zotero allows users to work collaboratively in order to conduct research and gather information. Users can collect and organize sources as they’re researching for information to include in their projects. The sources can be cited and synced on the same platform. The best part is that this can be shared so that multiple users can update on file and add new sources and information continually. This streamlines the research process involving groups.

10. Refseek

Refseek is a simple academic search engine for researchers and scholars to locate and cite academic articles, journals, web pages, books, encyclopedias, and many more. The search engine is streamlined so that students can avoid superfluous sources with keywords and get to the truly relevant, proper content. All academic content is prioritized and there are measures taken to weed out advertisements and commercial results.

11. Mendeley

This platform allows users to access and save research references and annotate them through PDF format. Users can organize all of their papers and work collaboratively in public or private with other peers. The platform also automatically generates citations and bibliographies in whatever forms you choose.

Grammar Resources

Proper grammar is essential for writers to create content that is understandable and easily digestible. Bad grammar will not only lead to choppy writing but bad grades too. Use these platforms to help catch any grammatical errors in the proofreading process.

12. Grammarly

A big issue in the editing process is that utilizing spelling and grammar checkers on word processors doesn’t do papers justice. Grammarly goes above and beyond by not only locating surface errors but also pointing out advanced structural issues. No longer will you have to worry about mixing up your use of active and passive voice or ignoring the subject-verb agreement. Grammarly has got you covered in all of those areas.

Screenshot (59)

13. Daily Writing Tips

It’s super important to be able to know how to effectively communicate through writing. Daily writing tips have you covered to ensure that your writing becomes stronger with each passing day. Experts in writing run the blog and they simply provide an article each day on important writing tips to keep in mind ranging from grammar to spelling to punctuation.

14. Grammar Girl’s Quick And Dirty Tips

The art of writing can be difficult to master because of the many, sometimes contradictory, grammar and punctuation rules dictating structure and style. Also, the way in which writing and rules are fed to people tends to be abrasive and a turn-off.

Grammar Girl is a website that changes that by providing very tiny bite-sized tips to improve writing each day. This tool will help users remember grammar rules through memory tricks and games. The blog is interactive and updated constantly so there’s never a lack of guidance and resources.

15. Global English Editing

Students can benefit from help by a professional editor, especially when it comes to optimizing the writing of a dissertation. Global English Editing is a leading online editing services company that specializes in academic editing.

Online Courses

Independent study is essential for continual learning and skill acquirement. Gaining knowledge from a variety of sources can work to open educational channels for those with a lack of access and provide a more dynamic educational experience. Here are some platforms that can provide this type of open education.


Edx is an amazing resource for recent college graduates or those who just love to learn new things! Create an account and you’ll have access to thousands of online courses for hundreds of subjects in the United States at major institutions free of charge!

Enroll in a course of interest and have access to lectures and homework assignments much like taking any other online course. He best part is that with a small fee, you can actually get a certificate signed by the instructor and add that credit to your resume!


17. Saylor

Saylor is devoted to an “open educational ecosystem” by providing free online courses for students around the world. They offer over 90 courses that students can take for free and you can earn certificates of completion once a course is accomplished at your own pace. An amazing feature as well is that some courses offer the ability to earn college credit at accredited partner colleges.

18. MIT Open Courseware

MIT has wonderfully created a database online full of all the content for almost every course offered in the University. The content is continually updated and available for free to every person around the world to utilize. People are able to access these courses and learn on their own through studying the material at their own leisure. It’s also a great tool to use to reinforce anything you’re learning in class.

19. Open University

If you’re taking a break from traditional studies or thinking about a career change, Open University is a perfect tool to utilize. No prerequisites are required in order to study through this platform and you’re able to go at your own pace and as long as you’re persistent, you will be fully prepared for the new world. There are also a plethora of free resources to take advantage of as well.

20. Academic Earth

Academic Earth provides access to free online college courses from top universities. Devoted to open education, all of the courses are very specifically selected and placed on the database to ensure great quality for users. What makes this platform stand out is its database of free original videos on subjects as well for viewing pleasure. They are framed outside of an academic setting and provide real world application and investigation of subject matters.

21. Coursera

Online learning has never been as interesting as it is on Coursera. This database has licenses and connections with universities and organizations all around the world. Through these partnerships, Coursera provides online courses for anyone to take and helps to link users to financial aid.

Users can learn at their own pace and even interact with other peers in order to further develop an interactive learning environment. There is an option to receive certification and recognition for course completion as well.

Reference Management and Style Guides

When writing academic papers, a key component is to cite any unoriginal sources or content. Creating citations and bibliographies can be daunting and technical. Using these tools can help streamline this process.

22. Citation Machine

Citation machine is an online tool that builds citations for you. All you have to do is choose the style that you need (i.e. MLA, APA, etc.) and then insert the URL or title of the source. The tool will index your source and provide bibliographic entries and in-text citations for that source that you can use in your paper. It’s that simple!


23. CiteULike

If you are required to read and cite scholarly articles, try this resource. Any scholarly reading you find can be uploaded to the database and the program will automatically extract citation information. Share the article with everyone on the platform and access articles similar to it through suggestions and recommendations. Find PDF’s of the articles and then have a list of citations for future use.

24. Bibme

Bibme is an online bibliography maker that will automatically update and fill for you so that you don’t have to work at the tedious building yourself. It offers formatting in APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard styles. Simply select the style that you’d like the citations to be created in, search for your reference, add it to your bibliography, and then download when you’re all done finding everything. It’s that simple. No more stressing over citing your dissertation correctly again.

25. Cite This For Me

This website is a citation platform much like the others. Users are allowed to search for their references and simply click to add automatically to a formatted bibliography. No work is required to set up the citations and everything can be exported with a click. Some added features are tips and blogs by the site owners as well as the option to see what other users have been researching and what their bibliographies consist of.

26. Refme

Refme offers over 7500 various citation styles to choose from for any user in any setting. Not only can you automate bibliographies from references, but you can also add quotes and annotate web pages all in one seamless platform. Using their app, you can scan book barcodes to have citations synced automatically from the data.

They also have a browser extension to allow users to clip anything onto it to have anything cited or annotations saved as you browse the internet.

Free Work Tools

Whether working in a group or needing to organize a huge amount of resources, these work tools can assist in making life a bit easier for you.

27. Prezi

Much like Dropbox, Prezi allows users to access and present presentations at any location at any time without taking up valuable space on their computers or email inboxes. However, Prezi is more than just a garage for your presentation – it is the presentation.

Unlike other static, blocky, complicated tools that most people use to create presentations, Prezi gives presenters full functional control over design, animation, and performance of their work. No graphic designers are required to create a professional, inspiring, captivating presentation. Prezi has changed the face of presentations and will probably change your grade too!


28. Google Docs

Google docs is another favorite for group projects. Not only can multiple people edit documents at the same time but you can actually see what they’re doing in real time! The technology will have different colored cursors for different users viewing a document and what changes are being added. All changes are saved automatically so there are no worries about losing work.

With the easy functionality, documents can be edited or created in a breeze. Docs also supplies many different templates to choose from in order to streamline the design process. Simply export files to Office processors in order to print for academic settings.

29. Open Office

Apache Open Office is a software suite that allows users the capability to us word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, etc. The program is compatible with any computer, which is perfect because there have been issues with Microsoft Word not coming with Macbooks. Install the program for free and be able to complete all school assignment without having to break the bank or your laptop.

30. Google Sheets

Create spreadsheets online for free with this easy tool. Share them with friends and allow anyone to edit and update the spreadsheet whenever they please. Choose from various different templates to streamline the process and access it wherever you are to continue working on the document. The spreadsheets are easily converted to Excel for offline sharing ease.

31. Copyscape

No one likes to be accused of academic dishonesty. Especially when the paper or project is completely original. Copyscape is an amazing tool that allows users to upload their documents and determine where in their paper unoriginal content lies. Use Copyscape before turning in assignments to make sure that your work is accurately cited and referenced if something is borrowed so you won’t be accused of stealing other people’s work.

32. Dropbox

When needing complete control over file sharing and utilization, Dropbox is most definitely the tool to use. Dropbox streamlines processes from sharing large files to ensuring accessibility anywhere with an internet connection.

Students are able to save multiple photos securely, access full presentations, and upload and share documents with multiple people for simultaneous editing. Dropbox makes any group project a breeze. It saves everyone the headache of trying to share large files and reaching email capacities.

33. Google Calendar

The Google calendar is probably one of the most underrated tools on this list. With its synchronization capabilities, deadlines and alerts will never be missed. Have an exam in the next week? Create a study schedule and set reminders for study slots and for the exam itself. All of the alerts will be synced to your iOS devices simultaneously. Whether on your MacBook or iPhone, the calendar will keep you organized and up to date.

34. Todoist

This is the Google calendar and dropbox and steroids. It combines the functionality of universal calendar synchronization and file sharing all in one. Best for group projects or shared tasks, todoist is an accessible tool that shares tasks on every device imaginable and allows users to access calendars and projects and leave notes for everyone.

Gone are the days when you stress over not being able to meet with group partners to get projects done. This resource allows for everything to be completed virtually almost anywhere!

35. Freemind

Freemind is java software that allows users the capability of creating mind maps. It’s a great tool for any student of any field to use when embarking on a new project. Whether you wish to write a new paper or create a new program – Freemind is available for free to help guide the process and keep you organized.

36. Evernote

Evernote is for those workers who love to utilize technology but also love to have their notes and data all on the table. This program is like a workspace but with the convenience of being in a screen. Gather everything you need for a project and pin it onto the table while you type and reference whatever you want right in the background. Stay organized with a planner and connect with people in real time to collaborate to get work done.

37. Sugar Sync

You’ll never have to worry about losing files to a crashing computer or stolen device ever again. Sugar sync is an online data storage system that you can access from any connected device and update and have it saved universally in real time.

38. Pocket

Pocket is one of the coolest bookmarking platforms around. If you find a video, article, game, etc. and wish to save it for later because maybe you have to rush to class, you can do it with this tool. Save anything online or through social media apps and then access them on any connected device wherever you are located. The best part is that you don’t even need the internet to access anything saved in your pocket so you can enjoy them whenever!

39. iHomework

iHomework is a powerful app that allows students to utilize it as a school planner. Save exam dates, homework assignments, course schedules, instructors, etc. all on one easy application. Everything saved in the program can be accessed through icloud so no one will have to fear losing any of their important dates. This can be a real help proofreading your work.


Utilize these resources to gain inspiration for a new project or assignment.

40. TED Talks

TED Talks is an amazing resource. They are lectures held all around the world by leaders and experts in a variety of fields. A committee must approve lecturers to ensure their subject mastery.

TED Talks are really great for humanities students who require subject reinforcement. Simply search for the topic of interest, choose the TED Talk that most closely aligns to that topic, and enjoy a free lecture to help you master the concepts and ideas.

Screenshot (63)

41. Wikipedia

Sometimes, students need a little inspiration to help conduct research on new topics. Wikipedia is a great resource to utilize in this situation. While it is not the most dependable source, it can help guide you in the right direction.

This online encyclopedia can be edited and updated by users around the world on any topic. Pages are also filled with sources and references for you to utilize for more information. You’ll be provided with a very wonderful overview of events that will help guide your research process. For example, if you know nothing about the Boston Massacre, try Wikipedia first to get a summary and guide of key players to research further.

42. Sparknotes

The ultimate study guide! Whether you need help outlining an essay on a piece of literature or you want to refresh your knowledge of a book before a presentation – Sparknotes has you covered.

Most of the books that students are expected to read throughout high school and college have been meticulously dissected on Sparknotes and broken down to discuss character development, plot, themes, chapter summaries, etc. This resource will never leave you confused about any aspect of literature ever again!

43. The Economist

Millenials don’t read newspapers anymore. Nor do they really sit and watch the news. So how can we keep up with current events? Given we’re in the internet age, there are a plethora of resources available online to read news.

The Economist stands out from the pack due to the way the news is delivered. For those with little time to sit and read many stories on events, the Economist rounds everything up and provides short but in-depth articles that express insight and opinions on everything happening around the world. This is a quick and effective way to gain insight.

44. BBC

Stay in the know by browsing through the BBC website once in a while. Every current event is covered from domestic to international news. You’ll have people thinking that you have lots of time on your hands to read newspapers and watch the news station when all you’ve done is gained quick knowledge from this easily accessible news source.

45. Joe’s Goals

Improve your productivity rate with a customized goal-tracking sheet. Enter in each category a specific goal that you’d wish to accomplish in a week and as the week goes on, you simply check when you have accomplished the goal or if you let the day go by without successfully achieving the goal. At the end of the week, you’ll have a visual of your productivity and this can inspire you to push yourself a little bit harder to become way more productive throughout the week.


Make sure that you’re using the right vocabulary with these resources.


Utilizing stronger vocabulary in academic papers can definitely help you get that ‘A’ you desire. is an amazing resource to use to help practice developing stronger essays and using more eloquent vocabulary.


Using the same logic as with the use of the thesaurus, you can utilize if you find that your vocabulary is limited. Perfect for preparing for oral presentations or group projects to not only help build your vocabulary but make sure you know exactly what the words you use mean so you won’t be caught off guard if asked.

48. The Free Dictionary – Idioms

For those of you into creative writing or other forms of expressive art, understanding the meaning of idioms is very important. When developing characters and establishing setting, understanding the sayings in the area and how these idioms are used will create a much stronger body of work. This free resource will provide meanings of British, American, and Australian idioms.

49. Merriam-Webster

There are a lot of tools online to use as dictionaries. However, Merriam-Webster is the most trusted and widely used one. Most of the professionally accepted definitions and words are found in Webster so it’s pretty important to utilize this resource if writing professional papers or following rigid thesis editing guidelines.

Health Websites

For those of you involved in STEM or taking courses where health is the focus, check out these amazing websites. You can also use these to help with your own personal health and wellbeing.

50. WebMD

WebMD is a leading medical search tool for quick online symptom and disease verification. Most students in scientific fields are required to present on certain human ailments or to solve case studies. This resource is much like Wikipedia as it holds a plethora of information on almost any disease. Authoritative sources are provided within the text to help verify information and inspire deeper research.

However, users shouldn’t completely trust this guide since it only provides an overarching synopsis of symptoms, causes, and effect of a disease. Using this tool as a guide and then digging deeper is advised.

51. American Sexual Health Association

The sad fact is that many students are not getting the proper sex education in order to make more mature decisions. With many social groups opposed to sex ed in the classroom, fewer students coming of age know about the risks or nuances of sex.

This amazing website is a resource hub for audiences to learn about healthy sexual practices and how to avoid adverse effects of sex. It’s definitely something to look into if you’re thinking of becoming sexually active (or already are!).

Exam Practice

College is full of exams! Make sure you’re properly prepared with these tools.

52. Quizlet

Quizlet makes studying super fun! You can create an account and create your own set of flashcards that will then be automated to randomly test your knowledge as you study for a big exam. The best feature is the ability to take other people’s flash card tests all around the globe and really exercises your brain! As an added bonus, this is a really great resource for new teachers to use for their classes to keep students engaged and to really promote interactive learning.

53. Open Study

Studying is most effective when it’s a collaborative process. It’s even more effective when completed among peers. Open Study is an online community of students who are all studying and can chat with one another real time in order to help reinforce topics and ideas. No matter what subject it is that you need help with, Open Study provides a community to find other people working on the same types of problems.

54. Wolfram Alpha

There is no math problem that this platform cannot solve! Sling a basic math problem or even a full blown complex equation into the computer and not only with you be provided with solutions, but also with step by step outlines of how the solution was found. So, no more guessing on the process. This program will have you a genius in that Calc III class in no time.

55. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another one of those resources for folks who need a little extra reinforcement outside of the classroom. The organization offers tutoring for students who need some more help with certain subjects and concepts.

The best part is that they offer free videos going in depth on certain topics in order to ensure that you understand it in the least complicated way possible. The videos are broken down almost like a course syllabus and you can be reassured that no topic is left untouched.

56. Study Blue

Students learn best from other students because of the commonality of engaging material for the first time and understanding that reference point. So what better way to study than to utilize a platform where one can collaborate with other students learning the same topics to help one another out?

Study Blue does just that! Students take their notes and create flashcards and quizzes that may be shared online and accessed by anyone. Never study alone ever again.

57. Koofers

Over one million college students use Koofers! This site has the functionality of many smaller sites all on one platform. Rate your professors and view future ratings to help you create a schedule. They even provide the average GPA of students that have taken the course! Gain access to millions of study tests and flash cards to prepare you for exams. Also, you can find jobs and internships all on the site. Check it out!

58. Cheatography

This cheat sheet builder will allow you to create and upload cheat sheets that people can use to pass exams. You’ll have access to cheat sheets that other users create for any subject imaginable!

59. Keepmeout

You’ll begin to have a love-hate relationship with this website. If you are completing an assignment and are so busy procrastinating because you can’t stop accessing certain websites, you can bookmark that site in Keepmeout and you will not be able to access it until you’re finished working. Set a time limit for how long you need to be locked out and you’ll be able to work distraction free.

60. Homework Help Today

Access to tutors or homework solvers is direct through this platform. Easily hire a helper after determining the rate and have the professional go through your assignment with you step by step to reinforce understanding and strengthen your skills. No longer will you have to struggle in silence doing homework problems that seem impossible to solve.

61. Stack Exchange

Stack exchange is a perfect tool for those who like to ask questions and be provided with answers online. So many experts and students alike utilize this platform to ask any type of question whether it be science, math, or about the human body. People can answer the question and experts vote for a correct answer and that answer is placed high on the list. Users can gain points and win rewards for becoming high priority answerers.

Money Management

We all know the saying “broke college student”. You may be broke, but you don’t have to be careless. Manage your money properly with these tools.

62. Simple Visa

Take fund organization and allocation to the next level with a Simple Visa card. All of the guesswork of determining how much money you have and what you need to pay certain bills is eliminated. This plan is a completely virtual banking option that allows for one-click access to all of your funds and can be set to automatically create folders where paychecks are divvied up for savings or to pay a bill.

It’s very simple (hence the name) and it’s definitely a college student’s must have!

Screenshot (65)


More and more college students need help paying for their education as the prices of tuition and fees increase each year. The Federal government provides resources to fund education for many students in need. is the most widely used tool for college students since it provides step-by-step guidelines on how to access grants, loans, and federal aid.

Most of the general funding is based on income and need. You are geared with the information required to apply for and receive aid through the FAFSA – the application to analyze income and determine how much aid you are eligible for.


Mint is a powerful system that gathers every piece of your financial history and puts it all into one program. You can check all of your loans and credit card balances. You can view your credit score and what’s impacting it. You can view all of your bills and expenses. You can even create budgets to pay some things off. No more guessing at your financial state. Mint will put it all in front of you. Now, whether that’s a good or bad thing – that’s up to you.

65. Cashcourse

Cashcourse is important for students because usually, young adults are thrown into the world without thorough preparation. Financial literacy is uber important and working on that process early on will definitely help you avoid huge issues in the future. Cashcourse provides the tools and guides for students to make great decisions concerning their financial situations. Avoid debt now and sign up for free.

66. Save The Student

Gain access to fresh articles that will help students get, save, and spend money properly in college. Learn everything there is to know about getting and balancing a job through college. Learn about savings and investment. Get tips on the best options to save a bit of money in the long term. This is a college student’s Holy Grail of financial literacy and freedom.

Student Life

There’s so much to do! Take advantage of these resources to help make your college experience even more amazing.

67. Audible

Not only is audible a cheaper alternative for English majors, but it also makes reading a lot more fun and interactive. Now, we aren’t advising people to never read again. However, sometimes the act of physically reading hundreds of pages multiple times per year can get exhausting.

Using Audible enables users to find books and have them read aloud. So you still engage the story and gain the information but without the stress of physically trying to read a certain number of pages by a given time.

68. Student Recipes

College students fear gaining the ‘freshman 15’ but it’s usually inevitable due to the lack of money and time to really cook great meals. More and more students opt to eat fast food or stuff their faces with cafeteria food that isn’t really healthy.

At student recipes, not only are there recipes for any type of food but also they are quick, cheap, and simple! Anyone who wants to take a little stronger hold on what they’re consuming can visit this site and have access to thousands of recipes to try out. The site caters to people of all sorts of diets or food restrictions so no one is left out. Nom!


Before selecting classes for the next semester, you better head over to This website is a gold mine for students who would rather avoid difficult and/or poorly skilled professors. The site hosts pages for multiple universities and students rate and comment on professors in different departments.

You can read comments from recent graduates advising which professors to avoid. You can view the overall star rankings and even category rankings so you have an idea of how much homework a professor gives or how hard her tests are.

70. Sleepy Time

This is a pretty amazing tool to use when trying to determine how much sleep you need to account for. Whether it’s final exams week or you’re just that organized that you plan everything, this website allows you to optimize a sleep schedule for maximum energy. It claims to ensure that users wake up in between sleep cycles and not during them. Users can use the tool to determine when they need to go to sleep and when they need to wake up.

71. Habitica

This is the best tool for creating habits! It’s a web application that allows users to get motivation to build habits to get their tasks completed by integrating video game concepts. The program is simple – create a daily list of tasks that need to be accomplished and as each task is completed, win money that can be cashed out for rewards. This will keep you motivated and it’s pretty fun too!

72. Student Rate

Student Rate is filled with coupons for students who wish to shop online and save money. The site editors locate deals all across the web for students to take advantage of and all of the coupons are uploaded and available on the site. All you have to do is prove your student status once you wish to activate the coupon on the respective e-commerce sites and you’ll save yourself lots of cash.

73. Chegg

Whether you’re looking for a tutor, cheap textbooks, or an internship – Chegg is the resource to use. You can get easy homework help for any subject online through one on one tutoring or even solution manuals. Get access to cheap concert tickets to use when you want a study break. Look into internships to advance your career post-graduation. Rent or buy cheap textbooks and get free shipping over $50. This resource is so helpful for all students and if you aren’t using it, you’re missing out.

74. Unidays

There are a lot of coupon hubs out there. But everyone loves Unidays because of its focus on name brand, high demand stores. Find coupon codes for students for Apple, Missguided, ASOS, Perry Ellis, American Apparel, and much more. Live like a diva on a cute budget. No one will know that you didn’t pay $100 for that T-shirt.

75. Huffington Post College

Anything you needed to know about the college experience can be found here. Thorough articles are created engaging the various experiences of being a college student. From discussing navigating student loans to finding the top college for your desired major – HuffPost College touches on it all.

76. Fitness Blenders

This married couple devotes 100% of their time creating relevant training videos for people who can’t afford, don’t have time to, or just don’t want to go to the gym. Everything is totally free and you can find specific videos are broken down by time period, intensity, targeting area, etc.

So, if you’re a super busy student with only about 10 minutes to spare or you want a 2-hour long routine, you can find a high-intensity video that will maximize results.

77. College Info Geek

Being able to escape the clutches of the higher education industrial complex unscathed requires finesse and determination. This resource will help you hack your college experience by providing tips for survival, guides to navigate efficiently, and so much more. Check it out.

78. Bright Knowledge

This guide will help you navigate through college to enter a career that will build a stable lifestyle for yourself. It provides steps and tips based on your own unique path in order to achieve the most out of what you’re pursuing. Never feel lost and alone in this journey to adulthood. This resource will walk you through it all step by step.

79. Text Swap

Stop wasting thousands of dollars on books every year. With TextSwap, you can take your used books and trade them online with other used books. The benefit is that you won’t have to buy new books for new semesters when you switch classes. Just take an old book you don’t need any longer, find the one you do need for your new schedule and swap with someone. This way, won’t have to dish out thousands of dollars each year just to use a book minimally.

80. College Board

College Board is a non-profit committed to helping students successfully navigate college. They offer all sorts of guides and tips for necessary college pathways as well as provide the path in order to start down those roads. If you need to take a major college exam such as SAT, ACT, GRE, etc. – College Board is the route you want to take in order to make sure you’re prepared for the exam.

81. Grubhub

For those students who get those late night hunger pangs and have no car on campus, Grubhub is a lifesaver. All you have to do is go onto the website, enter your location, and all of the restaurants in your area pop up. You select delivery and then choose from the list of places that will deliver to you at the particular time. Pay on the site and then your food will be on its way!

82. FullBooks

If you’re taking a course that requires reading a novel, make sure you check this site out first. There are literally thousands of novels uploaded in full text for free that you can access. Just search for the title of the book and if it’s on the list, enjoy reading the full text on the site with no hassles.

83. Pandora

Scientific research has found that particular styles of music help to boost brain output. Pandora is a great online radio to use while doing homework or completing projects and other tasks. Simply put in the name of a song or artist and create that station and more songs will play that are similar to the station setting. Enjoy endless hours of productivity enhancing music to get you in the zone.


Many students receive money from parents to spend throughout the month and the most efficient way to send and receive money at the moment is through PayPal. The only limitation with PayPal is that it takes up to 5 days for money to transfer to your linked bank account.

However, sometimes, while up late studying, students can find themselves terribly hungry but all of the cafeterias are closed. With paypizzapal, one can choose a gift card from any local pizza shop and pay for it on their website with a PayPal account! The gift card code is sent through email and can be used to order your food right there. It takes only a few minutes! It’s an amazing tool to utilize.

85. Studentbeans

Discounts for everyone! Students never have a bunch of excess money just floating around in their wallets. Therefore, it’s crucial to find discounts and sales to take advantage of. Studentbeans brings all of those student discounts right to you! Create an account and have access to thousands of discounts available to students at major retailers and food chains.

86. WikiHow

If you’re a college student and you know everything about life, then you’re not college student-ing right. Students don’t know a thing! That’s why WikiHow is an amazing resource for them.

For instance, if you’ve never done taxes before, search the database for a step-by-step guide to complete your taxes and you’ll be provided with actionable steps to effectively complete the process. The guides are short, sweet, and to the point so you don’t have to get lost in any mumbo jumbo.


If you’re looking for some money on the side or trying to land a job post-graduation, these are the sites to look at.

87. Upwork

Being a broke college student is never fun. With everything requiring some sort of fee, you need to have a way to make a few bucks every now and then. Upwork is an amazing freelance database where freelancers can be hired virtually by clients to complete odd jobs and tasks. You may not get rich from this but you certainly can make a couple hundred dollars if you invest a bit of time into it. It’s worth a look.

88. Indeed

Getting started on a job search can be overwhelming and quite complex. Indeed streamlines this process through simple and effective design and search settings. Enter any desires for a job and find postings in real time all over the world. You can even select for entry-level positions (since you’re a soon to be college graduate).

89. Craigslist

Many of you probably already use Craigslist or are familiar with it. It’s an amazing resource for college students because not only can you buy thing here cheaply, you can also find gigs and jobs! Plenty of college students have found their part-time jobs through Craigslist. If you need a refrigerator or a microwave or something just for a semester, craigslist is the perfect resource to use.

90. Glassdoor

When looking for volunteer opportunities, internships, or entry-level jobs out of college, Glassdoor is the first source to use. Not only can you see how the company is ranked by employees and people who’ve interacted with it, but you can also get an in-depth view of the hiring procedures. You will be able to see how complicated the hiring process is, how long it will take, and even the pros and cons of working as an employee. Help steer your career in the right direction.

Take a break

College is not always about work. Whenever you wish to take a break and relax, you can enjoy these platforms.

91. College Humor

College doesn’t have to be a bore. Whenever you’re taking a break from homework and want to engage in some fun you can relate to, check out college humor. You’ll really be in on the jokes since they’re all centered on the college experience. Everything is relevant and engaging and you’ll have a blast to take away some stress.


Everything that you needed to ever know about studying abroad is located on this website. Find the perfect program for you based on certain criteria and get guides in order to navigate the application process to get to where you want to be. Get help from experts online and even read through testimonials from people who rate their past experiences.

93. Hulu

Hulu is the budget friendly alternative to watching television. Especially when Shonda Rymes’ shows come on, if you don’t have a TV, missing them will be the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Well, don’t worry about that any longer. Hulu uploads television episodes from your favorite TV shows the day after they air so you can catch up or even binge whole seasons. And if you want commercial free viewing, you can pay a little extra for that too.

94. Netflix

Netflix is for those who don’t have televisions or do have television but no movie channels. Netflix has a database of thousands of movies you can find certain movies based on genre, actor, or even date and enjoy them in full. You’ll also have recommendations catered by your viewing activity.

95. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed has become one of the leading sources of news and entertainment online in the past decade. Check out fun videos the pique your interests, read content that will exercise your mind, and play games to burn some time. BuzzFeed offers a space for people to submit content and engage with a social community. With so much content, you’ll never be bored or have nothing to do.

96. Tumblr

Tumblr is a pretty neat social media platform to utilize due to its multifaceted nature. Enjoy photography, pop culture, as well as social justice all on one platform. Build a following, create a page that is specific to your personality, enjoy music, and blog about whatever is on your mind.

Social Awareness

Social justice is at the forefront of current events and discourse. Stay conscious and aware through these websites. And for underprivileged or at-risk students, you can use these resources to gain motivation and inspiration to help you thrive.

97. ELIXHER Magazine

ELIXHER is an amazing resource for queer women of color to stay connected and up to date on relevant events. Learn about your identity and how you can live a freer, more authentic life. The blogs are always relevant to the women grasping with their sexualities and placement in society and it’s really inspiring for young women moving into adulthood.

98. Everyday Feminism

College campuses can be filled with misogynist mindsets and operate on patriarchal pretense. It’s important to have literature that can teach you how to be a more inclusive, less problematic individual. Everyday feminism provides the tools for social enlightenment and through critical analysis, enables readers to develop more complex perspectives on their own social dynamics. Through offered courses and speaking engagements as well, audiences can get an even more specific and thorough examination of dynamics around them.

99. HRC

The HRC is dedicated to fighting for the rights of LGBT people in the United States. As a college student, the environment may not feel affirming so having this resource is critical for success and a healthy mind. HRC members advocate for college students daily and work to accommodate specific needs for these underprivileged students to ensure academic equity. If you or a friend need any type of assistance, you should definitely look into the Human Rights Campaign.

100. The Safe Zone Project

This resource is free and open to use for the public. All of the content is not copyrighted so anyone can use and alter the resources to accommodate the needs of their campus. The content helps to create a safe space for LGBT students on campus by providing information and tools to promote campus pride and solidarity. Material to teach non-LGBT folks how to be better allies is also available.

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